Koena Mitra humiliated at Bangalore airport:curse;

Koena Mitra was humiliated by the airport staff at Bangalore when she was asked to strip. Fuming Koena Mitra narrated the incident, “Three girls in uniform, clearly in a mood to bully me since I am a celebrity, called me to the frisking room. They asked me why I was wearing torn jeans and told me, ‘Youngsters look upto you, you are a trendsetter, why do you do such things’?”

“Even when they were frisking me, they were feeling me very hard right from my shoulders to the back pockets. Suddenly, one of them held my fringes and asked me if my hair was real. They refused to sign my boarding pass till I took off my hooded T-shirt and put it in the X-ray machine. When I refused to do that, they called a senior official, who said, ‘You want to fly or are you going to stay here’?” Koena added.

Koena further said, “While I stood without my boots, another security person standing seven machines away asked me to come and identify my suitcase. But the women refused to give my boots, so I had to walk around bare feet while people stared at me strangely.”

“While they were worrying about my torn jeans, hooded T-shirt and hair, they forgot to check my handbag, which had a scissors, a nail-filer and three bottles of perfume, when only one is allowed. No one even noticed it,” Koena said.