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Thread: womens'day

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    no one remembered womens' day
    how sad
    u make me happy

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    We did and send and received msgs from family and friends too. I don't understand why we have to make a fuss about everything?

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    too sad verv sad infact

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    When was it? nevermind, go make me a sandwich.
    Dream, I do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Endurer, post: 400968
    When was it? nevermind, go make me a sandwich.
    ha ha ha :lol;

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    I have a problem with setting aside a day for any group. It only separates people more by adding labels. Somewhere there is someone who is making money off of it. People do not go to all the trouble to plan and market such things if there is not a pile of money in it.

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    i remembered too but forgot to wish everyone here.Sorry.It will not happen again

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    It's alright heman, no problem and thank you. are right too. One should follow his heart in certain matters.

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