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Thread: what is happening to desitwist forums

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    hardly any appreciation,leave alone discussion
    where are the fire brands
    why rahen is so quiet
    if this trend continues desitwist will loose its shine
    always want desitwist to be vibrant
    u make me happy

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    yes me also getting bore :mad2;hmy;:locy;

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    thank u friend shono
    u make me happy

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    So do I dsjeya..let's hope things work out for the better.

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    thank u friend tulip
    u make me happy

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    ur welcome dsjeya:givefl;:drums;

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    of late some improvement
    let us hope for the best
    insah allah!
    u make me happy

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    hmm..a lot of our well known members are hiding these days...i guess they are busy or caught up into something...but i hope they do come back soon. Miss them.
    Thanks dsjeya for sending the msg out there.
    take life as it comes

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    thank u friend atlantic
    i do hope they will return soon
    inshah allah
    u make me happy

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    inshAllah buddies!! =)

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