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Thread: what is happening to desitwist forums

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    good start dsjeya...even i hope to see some improvement..but i dont think i can be of any help for timebeing...

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    We can understand rahen n don't you worry, we are all here to contribute. Right dsjeya?

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    rahen friend just relax and take care
    delegate your responsiblities to tulip
    she will do her best
    in whatever way i can help
    i am willing
    u make me happy

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    oh...well that was a little too much for me dsjeya. But of course i am here to help and i love dt I don't know how much i can contribute but i am here for sure and i'll try my best =) need your help guys.

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    u can tulip friend
    u make me happy

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    I am trying dsjeya =) thanks.

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    wishing u all the best
    u make me happy

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    desitwist forums are never a bore for me.i enjoy them from the core of my heart.

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    hope they continue to be
    u make me happy

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