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Thread: Trojans, Malware, Viruses, how to remove them?

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    Hi there, just recently my McAfee antivirus software expired. I was surfing the web and found out that McAfee website offers a free online system that detects if your computer has any viruses - so i ran it and turns out i have 7 corrupt files!!!

    Now, i'm wondering how do i remove them? Does anyone know?:thinking;

    I have heard of PANDA cloud antivirus system, which is free, but i've also experienced that it is not the best free defence against viruses. any suggestions anyone?
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    Best way is to install a anti virus and keep the signature and updates very update to date as almost every day new virus are found do it's important to update signature for anti virus mcafee and Norton are best and very known.

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    you can find & detect the virus by online anti virus but you cant delete the virus .To delete virus you have to purchase the register version

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    Thank you both for your help
    take life as it comes

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    i use spyware doctor AND hitman pro for deleting malware, spyware, etc. : )

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