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Thread: dsjeya ona tour mode

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    friends i am going with my only wife on 17th to newdelhi,amristar,jammu,vaisnavi,srinagar, and kulumanali
    i will near pakistan border on 20th
    i will think of my friends in pakistan
    don't be too happy
    i will be back on 2nd may
    and start a write up
    please pray for my family
    u make me happy

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    okay dsjeya...enjoy your tour and have a safe journey

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    thank u cool and tulip
    i am 61 now
    so not much time left
    no comments about my new avatar
    u make me happy

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    Ok! friends bye!!!
    take care of
    u make me happy

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    bye dsjeya, have fun with your only wife.

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    thank u friend tulip
    my flight from tuticorin is at12.20 indian standard time today
    u make me happy

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    hope you had fun dsjeya

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