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Thread: a good way to transfer sms to pc

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    g_buttercup: I am a student, I am about to graduate right now, everyday I receive lots of job information, interview information, job fair information. Most of these information give news of interview a few days later, some of them are even 1 month later.
    So, I have to restore these messages in case of full of messages, it’d be better to keep it in my computer, when those days come, I transfer them to my mobile again. GodswMobile SMS Transfer helps me to do this, I find it very useful to me, it could transfer SMS into txt file on my mobile, could backup and save my mobile SMS to my computer, could view, edit and print exported text message on computer then restore SMS from computer to my mobile phone. The most amazing thing is the backup and restore is unlimited, and totally support the Windows Mobile 5 and 6.
    Let’s use it to help u too right now!
    GodswMobile SMS Transfer - Nice to Download Software

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    I think there is no need of any type of software for transferring SMS mobile to PC. I have installed Nokia PC sute. It does all the things whether it SMS transfer, songs transfer, image transfer etc.

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