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Thread: 'Veiled' shock: Bride turns out to be a boy

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    'Veiled' shock: Bride turns out to be a boy
    Pervez Iqbal Siddiqui, TNN, Jun 7, 2010, 02.29am IST
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    |Dheeraj Tewari|superintendentLUCKNOW: If marriages are made in heaven, Gangaram Tewari must be wondering why did he have manufacturing defect in his fate. This 30-plus small-time electrician from Gauri Shankerpurwa hamlet in Bahraich, was ‘fraudulently’ married to someone other than his fiancee. Worse: this “someone” turned out to be a teenaged boy in disguise of a bride.

    Tewari now has lodged an FIR against the match-making couple who brought the two sides together for tying the nuptial knot and charged Rs 30,000 for it. Police have arrested the “bride” boy who admitted to have been married away similarly at least 18 times in the past. A manhunt is on for the other members of the gang.

    Tewari’s hopes to get his Rs 30,000 back now rest with god. Ram Bharose, the superintendent of police (SP), Bahraich, says that police teams were now on the lookout for the gang. “This is one of its kind case that I have come across in my entire service till date,” says the SP, talking to TOI.

    veil has fooled 18 men
    time to rethink ?.
    u make me happy

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    r u satisfied erum
    u make me happy

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    just type veiled shock in google search
    u make me happy

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