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Thread: .Sentiments Of A Poor Kid.

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    I am a poor kid. I want to share my sentiments with you.

    My father is a peon in a private firm. He is earning 4500 per month. I have six sisters and two brothers. My mother is a paicient of T.B. I am the elder brother. None of us have seen the face of school. I don't know the values of good life. I don't know what is self respect. I don't know the meaning of happy life. I always spent my life without a single penny in my pocket. I never eat food three times in a day. I never saw T.V. I am presently working in a workshop. My boss is giving me 50 rupees daily, which I have to pay to my father in the evening.

    I just have one question. Will I spent my whole life like this? Will my children also have the same feelings? Didn't I have any moment of happiness in my life?

    If anybody has a suggestion, Please send to Mr. Abrar Ahmed

    Never blame a day in ur life.
    Good days give u happiness.
    Bad days give u experience.
    Both are essential in life!
    All are Gods blessings!
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    Who is Mr. Abrar ahmed? n is this your story aabha?

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    Damn someone pissed in her cheerios. when u get that friggin serious its time to lay off the computer and the crack.

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