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Thread: fathers day june 20th

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    Father's Day Musings [June 20] -greet your father:
    Communication is the key to any relationship. We know it well. The irony is that despite knowing so, we shy away from communicating with people we love most. I can say the same about my relationship with my dad. In my teenage years, there were a number of times when he inspired me, injected optimism in my heart and made me feel that there was always a cushion to break my fall. The best part about him was that he never stepped in unless I called out for him. It was an unwritten contract between us: he knew that I wouldn't ask him to solve my problems unless I couldn't do anything about it myself. I knew that whatever it was, I can depend on him to ease it out for me if it so demanded.

    Looking back at all those years, the only regret I have is not having told him how much his support meant to me. Then it felt superfluous and somewhat mushy. Now I feel that I have missed the bus. Down the years, I don't even remember those little moments that forge a relationship. When I was wondering what to do this Father's Day, I decided to write a letter to him. I don't know the content of the letter yet. The only thing I know is, it will require more than the minuscule writing skills I have to compose something that encapsulates the most treasured times of my life. Thanking someone as special as him and spilling over those unsaid emotions on a keyboard is not going to be easy. If you have something to share with your old man, now is the time. Go ahead!
    u make me happy

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    aww, that's nice Dsjeya.
    Often when i want to express something to someone i care about....i just go with the flow of thoughts and feelings...and it naturally unfolds itself. In the simplest and affectionate way. Try that.

    ---- when i think of my Dad, well, he's been a good Dad....i'm grateful for what he has been to me....and that's all that matters. He has changed quite a bit from last couple of a positive way...and i respect his personality for all that he has sustained. His ongoing support, encouragement....whatever i am today, couldn't be without him. I love him and i care for him. I pray that he's always there for me and for all of us.
    take life as it comes

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    i am a dad for 2 daughters,married and settled
    if they feel like u atlantic,i will be happy
    but i don't think they have the time.
    u make me happy

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    ^ i'm sure they feel much love for you...sometimes it's hard to show and express and it becomes especially harder when kids grow-up and settle down, take it from your perspective......but deep down they DO care for you. Just remember dsjeya, you are their father...and...they are your daughters ....nothing can change that. They will always remain your kids. No one can take your place in their lives.

    There are certain things i do every now and then...and i cannot do those things without thinking about my Dad's support in those things but i am not always able to say it him......likewise your kids care for you too.

    Happy Father's Day!
    take life as it comes

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    beautiful topic dsjeya and it is lovely to see you posting n sharing your thoughts like that.

    I love my baba and i am proud of him and grateful to Allah for blessing me n making him my guardian angel =)

    and i wished him already, i am not with him right now so it was all i could do this time.

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    thank u tulip friend
    inside fathers need some kind of affection from their daughters even after their marriage
    often daughters take daddys for granted
    u make me happy

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    i have a son and a daughter,if they just say i was a good father to them;i would be far as i am concerned both my parents are no more and i for one was more a mommas boy

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    that is natural heman
    u make me happy

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