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Thread: dsjeya is on tour mode again

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    dear friends
    i am leaving to malaysia on 22nd by air asia flight from cochin
    after worshiping at guruvayoor near cochin
    in this leg i visit malaysia,vietnam and cambodia
    ankarwat ruins r in cambodia a world heritage site
    this time a bachelors tour
    only 6 gents all 60+
    i will be returning on 30/07/2010
    u make me happy

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    Good good, have a safe and memorable journey dsjeya =)

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    thank u friend tulip
    u make me happy

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    i have received my visas for malaysia,vietnam and combodia
    my wife is readying my bags
    cost will be$2000 eqivalent of indian rupees
    hope to have an enjoyable tour
    insah Allah!
    u make me happy

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    wish you a happy journey and have a blast

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    thank u friend heman
    u make me happy

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