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Thread: love and lust

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    love gives satifaction with the partner
    lust wants change of partner
    love accepts reality
    lust depends upon the imagined charms of the partner
    when faced with problems in marriage seeking someone other than the partner appears to be an alternative but does not solve the problem permanently

    it is a desire to get away from monotony of the routine
    such brief relationships is more common
    but seldom lasts long
    ultimately true love triumphs hence all attembts shoud be made to repair a failing relationship
    u make me happy

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    so true dsjeya if you want your wife to be chaste so should be other words if you want your wife to be Sita you should be Ram for her

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    thank u for liking it
    do u believe i can follow Ram? may be at 80
    insah Allah
    u make me happy

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    No matter the sky is black or blue,

    no matter there's stars or moon,

    as long as ur heart is true,

    sweet dreams will always be with u.
    u make me happy

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    yes it is better late than never and one can be Ram even now if he means it from his heart dsjeya

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    I think relationship should be maintained from both side. If one want his wife to be Sita then he should be as Ram.

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