Dear all,

Please find attached new Indian Rupee symbol Font known as “Rupee Foradian”.

By default, the Indian Rupee font is mapped to the grave accent (`) symbol on your PC's keyboard and you can use the Indian currency font immediately after installing it. For installation, just drag the Rupee font (rupee foradian.ttf) to your ‘C’ Drive Windows' Font folder.

All you require is to open a word file, select font as Rupee Foradian and press above tab button (`) symbol.

Happy using !

To Download font by click below link

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size 33kb only

HOW to use the india rupee in micro soft office font

1. download the font (rupee foradian) by the link

2. extract that file using win rar or win zip

3.install the font.(copy the font to control panel > fonts folder)

4. change the font the default(Times New Roman/ Arial? calibri) to rupees foradian font.

5. type rupees symbol in Microsoft Word through the grave acent symblo ` (the key just above the "Tab" button in your keyboard).

Please note that we can use the rupee symbol globally only after unicode approves it. With this launch we have proved that, if all of us work together, we don't have to wait for anyone else to approve the symbol to start using it. If we start using it others wil have to follow.