Yes I love my India. I love its heritage. I love its cultural. I love everything of India.

And I love the big heart of our people in India. I love the big capital city of our beloved country India. And I always loved and believed the saying about our capital city, “Delhi tou bade dil walon ki hai”. Yes I heard and understood this adage verbatim right from my childhood because I saw the mentors of our great nation sitting there and carving out the fate of our nation. Everything is Delhi is so adorable that we cannot thing about any other place being bigger than this. Kyunki Delhi tou bade dil walon ki hai.

But all my beliefs gets a jolt when suddenly I come to know about a woman giving birth to her baby girl and passes away on a footpath. It is said that the poor woman was crying with labour pain for four days and no one of our Bade Dilwalon ki Delhi paid any heed to her pains. No one even could bother about in that fast moving city, that one woman is lying on a footpath seeking support to bring a new life to this world and that too in their Bade dil walon ke Delhi. She died leaving her new born girl baby behind.

And this was an eye opener for that Bade Dil Walon ki Delhi. Now so many organizations and politicians come forward with their Bada Dil to adopt the baby girl. To pledge to upbring the baby girl with the best of facilities and basic amenities. And now Television are busy beaming and showing such Bade Dilwala who are coming forward with their gestures. I am happy, very happy to watch these Bade Dilwalas. Atleast these big persons are getting some mileage to their efforts by showing their great faces to all over India.

Now I ask them something. Where were you when the woman was crying on the footpath? Where did your Bada Dil go, when she was in deep mental and emotional trauma? Aah…. I am shocked… very shocked. And now when you have woken up, now when your deaf ears and blind eyes have started responding to the crying of the infant which the poor woman has left behind to her own fate, will you be able to bring her mother back even after providing the best of amenities to the poor baby girl? What answer will you give to that girl after he grows up and asks about her mother? Will you ever have any answer to your heartlessness?

No no… don’t feel shy. I know my question cannot be answered by you. And not anyone of you and this will remain un answerable to that girl also when she asks you tomorrow… so let it be like that. But don’t forget. You are answerable to that “Sabse Bada Dil Wala” sitting much above all of us. So be ready for that day. Till then go on doing your soul searching you “Bade Dil Walas” !!

And you continue with your such graceful saying, “Delhi tou bade dil walon ki hai” and be happy. You would be getting many such opportunities to come to show your greatness in TV channels because there would always be a poor woman on a footpath and then die and leave her baby to their own destinies. You require such woman to die, otherwise how will you always claim that “Delhi tou bade dil walon ki hai”