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Thread: Tricks for Hair Color

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    Selection of appropriate hair color and skin color of face shape and personality will make you look more beautiful and attractive.

    Despite having many advantages, hair coloring also raises its own consequences, which often fall out of hair, looks dull and certainly not simple treatment before your hair colored.

    Here is the solution for colored hair stay beautiful and healthy:

    First, the more often you wash your hair, the faster the color will fade. If you’re used to use shampoo every day, try to intersperse the day wore shampoo with just rinse your hair with warm water.

    Second, always use conditioner. Staining damage the hair, making it porous, and need more moisture for can still look healthy and shiny.

    Third, do not use a styling mousse, gel, or hairspray too often, because a number of products that contain alcohol, which thins the color.

    Fourth, stay away from the sun. Sunlight broke the color of hair and cause it to fade. To prevent this, wear a bandana or hat at the beach or when walking in hot weather.

    Fifth, if your hair color looks a bit pale and wistful, extend its age with the color booster shampoo that will help make it more bright.

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    Wash your hair as little as possible. Now I apperceive this may complete gross or shocking, but it has accomplished benefits. This allows your accustomed oils to action your hair. My hair is traveling to get adipose and that appears to smell if I don't ablution it every individual day.

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    Your tips is very good for hair colour.and how it make healthy and good-looking.Thaks for tips...

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    good wirting, these help me and will make me look beautifull.

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    Thanks for the tips, I do find it difficult to choose a suitable colour for my hair. So I am experimenting for now until I find the right one.

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