I recall I had joined DT in June 2007 probably. And at that time, I was priviliged to get introduced to such nice and sweet people who later one became my best of buddies. They were Muzi, Rahen, Friendgal, Sweet Girl, Glamorous Ladee, Glimmer, Quiet Whisper, Mytonse, dsjeya.... gosh......... so many.

And their contributions were immense. We used to discuss every thread and posts, thereadbear and it was amazing each of the posts were so different in views yet carrying a positive attitude.

We used to laugh, quarrel, debate and make fun too.

I miss them all. And so the DT is. I am quite aware that the talented people they are, they must have got busy with their own assignment to play a major role in their areas of specialization. Yet I think it won't be imprudent on my part, to make an appeal, request or you may call it an affection demand before those friends, to come back and delight us with their presence once again. This forum will be priviliged to have them back in the helm of affairs. I am sure the kind of Time Managers they are, they would definitely be able take out some of their invaluable time, to make us feel delighted.

Would u all come??? I am sure you will................ Awaiting...........with hopeful eyes.... whoelse the naughty Sikandar who u used to sometime call a BANDER !!