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    It's a common recipe guys, so if someone has shared it before here, please pardon me for repeating it.


    1 boiled Chicken boneless and cut in small cubes.
    or 1 kg boiled boneless beef or mutton and cut in small cubes.

    For Filling:
    Cabbage (band gobi) 1 medium size
    Capsicum (Shimla Mirch) 1 Large size
    Carrots 2 Medium size
    Worcestershire sauce 2/3 cup
    Vinegar 2 Table sp
    Chilli Sauce 2 Table sp
    Soy sauce 2 Table sp
    Black pepper 5 tea sp
    Red pepper 2 tea sp
    Salt to taste
    Oil 1/3 cup

    For Wraps:
    All purpose flour (maida) 1 1/2 cup
    Flour 1 cup(which will be used later on)
    Corn flour 1/2 cup
    Eggs 2
    Milk 1/2 cup
    Salt tsp
    Oil for frying


    Rolls' Filling:
    Cut Cabbage, Capsicums, Carrots in thin strips like (julian Cutting) and then
    cut that long strips to small.
    Put all these veggies in a pot and add all the ingredients for filling except salt and Oil.
    Cover and cook on medium heat for 5 minutes.
    Try not over cook it. If you see water comes out from veggies turn the heat up a little bit and dries off all the water.
    Now add salt and remove it from heat.
    The filling is now ready and now you can add meat of your choice like chicken/beef or mutton to it.
    Make sure the veggies are completely dry, there should be no water in it at all.

    Preparation of Rolls Wraps:
    In a large bowl take All purpose flour, corn flour, salt, well beaten eggs.
    Pour some milk and mix well.
    Don't kneed like dough, it should be thinner than dough, mix some water but don't add too much water other wise the flour will turn into lumps and it will be difficult to make it even.
    Use hands to mix it for best results.
    When all ingredients mixed with each other and when a consistency is formed than mix more water to make it thin (it should not be like paste and should not be like dough but in between).
    Now take a non stick frying pan (should be 5 to 6 inch diameter).
    (*take some fluid in a separate small bowl for further use in sticking sides of
    rolls in future.)
    Put frying pan on burner to make it a little hot and then take cotton cloth and
    apply some oil on the frying pan now take a ladle or a large cooking spoon
    and put the batter (or fluid) in the ladle or spoon and pour it over frying pan
    to form a thin wrap.
    Turn the heat down to medium so that when this wrap is cooked it will itself leave the surface of frying pan and will not stick to it.
    Now sprinkle some dry flour in a plate and move this wrap on it.

    Making Rolls:
    Mix meat with veg stuff to make filling for rolls.
    Now take the wraps and put stuffing on each one and make rolls of it.
    This will make approximately 6 to 8 rolls' wraps.
    Fry them on medium heat until golden brown.
    Serve hot with ketchup.

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    Wow its a looking really great, I love your post of chicken role. I will sure try this recipes, I had eat so many chicken recipes and and all have a different test but your given chicken role recipes is looking so delicious so thanks for sharing .

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    Thanks for liking =)

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    Wow really nice recipe. Ya it's very common but thank you for great sharing.

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    Thank you friends

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    Thank you! =)

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