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Thread: if your ears could talk, what would they say?

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    If your tears could talk, what would they say?

    As they run down my face flooding my cheeks
    The silence is so loud
    “Never again!” they scream at me
    Raise your head and be proud

    For you have a heart like no other you know
    Your intentions raise the bar
    Yet the visions you see that you feel deep inside
    Leave an extremely poisonous scar

    When will you let me dry and be free?
    Let me out of this prison you hold
    As you know you can’t carry this all by yourself
    The weight is of it crushing your soul

    I have cried all I can for the loss that you bare
    For the hurt and the pain that you hide
    You know you won’t miss me once I have gone
    Let happiness fill you inside

    So with that I must leave you, alone with your thoughts
    With the knowing you did what you could
    Trust in yourself that all will be right
    Share your love with those that are good.

    Tears no more x

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    Nice post Fox, for a minute you remind me of Fox Mulder in X-files Welcome to DT.

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    Really good! That is like...super amazing. GOOD JOB MANN!
    "Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment."

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    very niceee post
    - mOnA -

    aEtBaAr PeR yAkeEn Na RaHa,
    DiL mEiN dHaRkAn Na RaHi,
    MoHaBaT sE pYaR nA rAhA,
    aNkHoN mAiN aAnSoO nA rAhE,
    aUr RoNe K lIyE kANdHa Na RaHa...

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