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Thread: Welcome back Muzna

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    After so long time I see you back for everyone's delight here. Yes - we were desparately missing u guys. Probably my appeal in the other post, carried a whispered into your ears. Thank God.. you are here again.

    We are pretty sure your invaluable contribution would start coming soon. I wish all other buddies join us soon.


    For those who are free,there is much to be grateful for May your home and your heart shine with the warm light of FREEDOM

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    Welcome back Muzna =)

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    make desitwist vibrate like india
    u make me happy

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    oo thank u guya its soo nice of u

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    We are so glad to have you back Muzna =)

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    its so nice ov u tulip

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    Is there someone you wish to welcome back who's been gone from Answers for a while or is there someone you wish would come back that you'd like to acknowledge? The forum is open for you.

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