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Thread: girls can do it

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    Gauge the situation
    You donít want to be turned down and make the situation awkward for both of you. So, think this through before you give him those signals. If heís got a girlfriend or you know heís not the type to engage in casual flings, respect him for his integrity and donít make a move unless you really have strong feelings for him.

    Get him drunk
    If you think heís game for it, then what better way to get rid of his inhibitions than getting him wasted! Take him out and show him a good time. Say drinks are on you and soon heíll soon be staggering into your arms.

    Send him a corny message
    When heís a good enough friend, you can get away with anything, even the ĎNo one really understands me except youí rubbish. Those little Iím-thinking-about-you texts will subtly let him know that youíre an available option.

    Plan a weekend date at home
    But donít let him know itís a date! As he makes himself comfortable on your couch, inform him that a girlfriend who was supposed to join you has cancelled at the last moment. So itíll only be you, him and the very, very scary movie. Add a blanket for comfort and things are bound to get hot and heavy!

    Make your intentions clear
    Lay your cards on the table as soon as you know youíre heading to the bedroom with him. If this is a one-off encounter for you, make sure his intentions are not nobler. You donít want to break his heart if heís dreaming of walking down the aisle with you.

    Even if all the rules are laid down and he is up for sex, tread with care. With sex come plenty of repercussionsóyou donít want to ruin a good friendship.
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    The question is not if girls can do that, we all know how capable they are and they can do everything too but the question lies If girls should do that? If yes then I would very much like to hear why? I think girls are better without this tricky crap.

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    thank u tulip
    no generalization
    individual choice
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    I respect that Dsjeya, but it's one important thing to think upon and I hope the girls realize that too.

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    u stick to your view
    i respect your sentiment
    but there r spinsters,divorces,impotent husband,neglecting husband and so on
    u make me happy

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