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Thread: romance tips for men

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    1. Treat her like a goddess
    2. Pamper her
    3. Be healthy
    4. Get a baby sitter
    5. Tell her she is beautiful and romance her
    6. Don't be afraid to show her love
    7. Know what you want
    8. Connect with her
    9. Listen to her
    10. Buy the right size ray:
    u make me happy

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    I have read the Ten Tips for Romance Which you have described here. And I am really very glad after reading these tips. I was totally unknown from this tips and came to know after reading your this Tips of Romance. This type of tips really very essential and important for us. Really great and useful information for Myself.

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    Thanks guy for this factual information generally we don't know in some situation.
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    only the last one still hv some time,
    but other all 9 tips i already know it works very very well................
    thanks for share..
    how are you ?how is life?

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    what about some tips for women too?But we women dodnt need it anyway as we are always smart and confident.but then also it would be interesting to learn what you have to say

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    This is a must for every guy imo.

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    Yes guys all the tips are very helpful for us and will help us a lot. And usually most of us are not aware of this and i think its good and nice sharing and very very informative.

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    You share very nice Romance Tips. I am very glad to read it.

    It is helpful of many people. Thank you for share here these nice Romance Tips.

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    share some tips for the gals instead of guys

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