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    While it may seem hard to take out time to hit the gym for a workout session, very few people know that indulging in a sweat-inducing sex session is equally beneficial.

    It not only helps burning extra calories, but also allows couples to perform routine exercises and also enjoy sexual pleasure. What else can couples ask for!

    , "Almost all muscles including the legs, thighs, arms, shoulders and lower abdomen are worked upon during a sexual interaction. Anything that is done for the body should be done for at least 15 minutes and a sex session may not stretch for this long. So couples need to pay extra attention that if they wish to derive additional health benefits from sexual positions, they need to prolong sexual activity right from foreplay to the climax state."

    Apart from the fact that sex brings relief from headaches, reduces depression and tranquilises the mind, leads to glowing hair and skin etc, it's also true that many sexual positions double up as easy workouts.

    , "Sex helps burning a lot of calories. Different positions in which partners participate as per their comfort level lead to a fit body. A few complex positions that require more of physical strength and involve more work lead to weight-loss and exercising of muscles. Intensity of movements and duration of sex make a lot of difference.

    Here are some lovemaking positions, which will let you stretch the most important muscle groups in your body...

    Missionary position (Man on top)
    , more than 90 per cent of couples indulge in the missionary position in bed, which seems to be quite gratifying for them. As the act involves weight balancing, it obviously has a number of physical benefits. The missionary position is all about stretching, arching and tightening. While the male partner is on top, the female laying on her back can also stretch her back, arch and tighten the abs. In addition, she can also try tightening the kegel muscles right during the act.

    , "The partner on top gets more involved in the physical activity. With a male partner on top, a lot of pressure is borne by his arms and shoulders. Besides, elbows and knees are used to the maximum while balancing in such a position; hence it stretches the muscles in both these body parts. In addition, thigh muscles are also worked upon during the missionary position, as you are almost on your knees during the act."

    Woman on top
    It is said that women can orgasm quickly while on top. Yet there is an evident reluctance among Indian women to try this position in bed. But having a female partner taking the lead is a very good exercise. It allows both partners to enjoy an equal participation, where the woman uses her hands and arms to prop up and down, and the male partner is holding the woman thus balancing her body weight.

    , "With the woman on the top, the weight would normally be borne by the male partner. Women being the physically weaker counterpart during sex, you cannot expect them to hold on to their body mass completely. So again it's more of exercise for the men, where they use their biceps' muscles to hold their female partner. For a female too, just to maintain the position for a longer duration, she is stretching her biceps, triceps, forearms and chest muscles to the fullest."

    u make me happy

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    nobody interested in exercise?
    u make me happy

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    hello sir how are u?

    i think majority is bachelor thats why no body interested , i wish some married people join u in this topic..


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    bachelors r not debared from sex
    in fact they have a wider choice
    hope u r fine
    u make me happy

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    Quote Originally Posted by dsjeya, post: 406006
    nobody interested in exercise?
    Who won't be interested to go for such an exciting exercise? lol... but don't you think Sir that this exercise is an extremely passionate one and carries lots of emotional attachment between the persons who are involved in it as well. Its so pious that one would like to continue with it in his/her own pleasant way coz. privacy is the most essential component of this exercise. The more we keep this exercise private, the more it would bring happiness and peace. Am I right Sir?

    For those who are free,there is much to be grateful for May your home and your heart shine with the warm light of FREEDOM

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    yes so true as long as both partners are open to it;it can be a very good relaxing exercise

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