How to Delete the History on Mac?
Delete the history with clear history on mac

In some applications the use process, many programs have operated or used, modified files will be saved as a historical record and shows in the history list. Down under normal circumstances there is nothing wrong, but if you are a few people share a computer or in Internet cafes and other public places, leaving these historical records may disclose your privacy, to prevent privacy leaks, you have to clear these history.Select how to delete history on a mac can let you do not worry about it every day.

The following is the key features of delete mac history
1.All-in-one utility
It can clear all the cache which is stay in your Mac computer .What you have to do is press button.
2.Easy to use
Clear cache for Mac software makes system maintenance simple with an easy point .with the simple click ,novice can easy to use to keep the system running at its best.
3.Safe to operate in your Mac computer
The clear cache for Mac is a safe software ,it don’t have the write-perform function when it runs in your Mac computer.
4.Clean up the portable device
Keep your removable device free from those annoying and unnecessary service files.
5.multifunctional feature
it can capture the pesky bug when new software operated.
6.Optimize the computer system
It can improve the Mac computer environment through clear the cache and widget.
7.Clear the system cache and cookies and folder cache
One of the best features of clear cache for Mac is its ability to easily clear the system cache and cookies and folder cache that affect your computer system.
8.To improve the storage space
It can access the hidden storage area to clear some widget to improve storage environment.
9.To clear plug-in to release disk space
Clear cache for Mac software easily erase all the plug-in that stay in your disk space. To finish this just need some simply click.

how to delete mac history

You can clear history on mac by following steps
Step 1
Click "History" on the toolbar.
Step 2
Scroll to the bottom of the list of history items, and select "Clear History."
Step 3
Select "Clear" in the dialog box.
Step 1
Click "Tools" on the menu bar, and select "Clear Recent History."
Step 2
Use the arrows to access the drop-down menu next to "Time range to clear." Choose "Everything" if you would like to delete all of your history, or select a specific time frame to delete.
Step 3
Check the boxes next to the items that you want to delete. If you want to delete all of your browsing history, form and search history, cookies and other information, check all of the boxes.
Step 4
Click "Clear Now."

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