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In an ideal world yes, it comes naturally. In arranged marriages where you don't know a word about each other, the chances of starting on the wrong foot are higher. Add distance, throw in a few misunderstandings and you're off to a rocky start; one that's hard to recover from.

There is a big IF here. Let's set aside love and all thats holy about the relationship and concentrate on a relationship that can merely agree to disagree. I have seen a few relationships succeed despite the distance as well as a few that have failed due to the distance. As far as I am concerned, distance should definitely be avoided after the marriage. It wreaks havoc on an already fragile beginning.
I do agree on the points. Distance does play a vital role to maintain compatible relationship. There are cases where distance has destroyed a relationship. Reason - there comes a weak moment due to confusion and lack of adequate communication when misunderstanding surfaces and its a fact that lack of communication brings confusion and confusion brings conflict. So one has to be extremely understanding to carry on with this sensitive relationship and again understandings comes with the trustworthiness and transparency only.