Hello everyone,

It is a very common phenomena now a days that often newly married couples end up living distant from each other, shortly after their marriage....reasons being..job, family disputes, accommodation....and so on. The time frame of distance, the communication between the couple, the physical/practical distance between the spouses are just some of the factors that play vital role in the development of the relationship. Another one of the common causes of distance i've come across is immigration. This being the case when one of the spouse is not a citizen of the other spouse's home country. Immigration can be a lengthy process that can range for 6 months to 1 year or even 1.5 years, inevitably beyond one's control. Some times the distance between the spouses could be simply because both are career oriented and live in different cities and are not willing to give up their careers yet believe they can manage their marriage.

Having knowledge of all the above circumstances....if one is involved in such a situation...are they putting their marriage on a risk? How should they coop with it in such circumstances, especially if they are beyond their control? What are some of the things they can do to keep the loose end tight and save their marriage from falling apart? Give us your opinion.