All human beings is a life ----- Leo Tolstoy,

Everyone in the world, are sisters, brothers ----- when the ancient Chinese belief in the far

Mankind is one family,

[Let us all be free when the gods 150 years -170 years old], supplemented for the content of fast-paced life]

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1,This is free when the gods 150 years -170 years old ways ,

Health approach is to use saliva,

Health approach is to use saliva,

Health approach is to use saliva,

Ways to improve the quality of life,

Ways to improve the quality of life,

2,this method of saliva health, is a 150-year-old Indian secret of long life,

3, 150-year-old Indians that people say, 'I just eat slowly and chew, long-standing food every bite, chewing slowly than thirty times, and then slowly swallow, and I drink water, eat drink, and drink the water should , In the mouth with a very long time, and then swallow, this is the secret of my longevity


1,1, I have tested saliva health methods, a few years ago, helping a very serious disease more than 80 years old, into peace, strengthen the body, and now the old man still alive, I live in the compound in

2,In addition, this method of saliva health, treatment, one of my friend's armor high sickness? the two women approaching middle age, younger skin, rejuvenation, and,

3, in accordance with the clinical practice of traditional Chinese medicine, saliva is a nutritional supplement kidney, the kidney is the foundation of life, full of kidney nutrition, powerful, and people will naturally extend the life,

4,Japanese research scientists, the nutrients found in saliva, than any kind of food rich in ,

5,Western medicine is found in saliva to help digest food,

6,After the Japanese scientists observed 400 individuals,-----Had discovered in several seconds time, some person's saliva, can kill the complete cancer cell, some person's saliva, can kill 70% to 80 cancer cells,

7,Salivary protection of the health of this book, clinical records, which is to introduce the saliva cured, or reduce dozens of chronic diseases ,

8,Long-term practice meals every bite, after slowly chews 30 times, then swallows slowly method-----Is the saliva protection health method,

9,In one day, separates some time, makes a time saliva health method, must swallow down several time full oral cavity's saliva

In one day, altogether swallows down ten to 15 full oral cavity's saliva, practices like this for a long time, is also the saliva protection health, either strengthened health, either cures the old disease, either reduces chronic illness's method,

[Note that each time the saliva if the mouth is full, three times to swallow]

Saliva health approach, do not stop the patient to hospital for treatment,

During the patient medication, which saliva healthy way,Can be used as a supplementary treatment,

If the patient is acute falls ill, needs the emergency treatment, should arrive at the hospital treatment immediately, do not delay the treatment the opportunity

Because saliva health approach, the treatment of chronic diseases,

If it is to eat slowly by chewing the saliva of healthy way of people, in the cold season, can be used to swallow the saliva method, when this man's house, there is no air conditioning,

Swallows the saliva method, human who also suitable not to have the tooth,

These two principles of healthy way of saliva,Is the same,The saliva of healthy eating slowly chewing method ,Also aims to produce more saliva,

C,For quick rhythm life people's practice method,

I think ,Your life moves fast, you can also use this method,

No time to eat slowly to help swallow the person chewing slowly -----

That free time, Or read,Up and down in the mouth with his tongue turning around, etc. ----- saliva in your mouth full, three times swallow


1,Usually people eat, It was like a wolf, [known as the militarization of the meal], Put a bowl of rice to eat a few mouthfuls, The fastest way to eat, does not work,

2,There are people in the mouth while chewing food, while in swallowing food, eat it a relatively fast method is not

3?The health of the body with ordinary methods ,

Even if a person, on people, natural public life, there is love of the heart,

Note that no chemical contamination of food,

Note that the composition of the food is reasonable,

Note that the physical exercise, adjustment, control, maintain a happy, good attitude,

The pursuit of knowledge, with enterprising spirit,

In spite of this, a person can hardly live to a hundred or more, we know that