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Thread: What is love???????????????

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    What is it that makes them care?
    When the world makes them scared.

    What is it that makes them friends?
    When they are at their end.

    What is it that makes them vulnerable?
    When everything seems so miserable.

    It wasn't taught to receive, but to give,
    That's how they learn to live.

    As they mature and grow,
    Their love within will show.

    That My Friend Is Love.

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    nice description =)

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    hi nice post
    love rocks if someone falls in...its like a heaven on earth when u falls in love...

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    Love is a unique thing in this world and it differs from all the things in the world. Love is respect, honor, communication and also trust between two people.

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    Love is one of the a lot of difficult questions for the mankind. Adulation is patient, adulation is kind. Adulation itself is a accepted experience. Depending on context, adulation can be of altered varieties. Romantic adulation is a deep, acute and unending.

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    Love is a word with many connotations.compromise and changing.

    Love is whatever brings you to that blissful state.

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