A myth that reveal a blond woman other than looks interesting, it was also more fortunate than other women. Really?

The new study in Australia revealed that women with blond hair, smoothly earning 7% more than women with other hair colors.

Survey of the University of Queensland on 13 000 women, found no difference in the payment of salaries between women with women with blond hair another color.

“Women are often portrayed as a woman blonde is more attractive than other women. But they are also less intelligent,” said Dr. David Johnston, who has published his research in the journal Economics Letters.

However, Dr David explains, from the research that has been published in the journal Economics Letters, revealed that they generally have larger incomes.

No other hair color that has a similar effect. It is not known exactly why women blondes get more revenue and the average has a rich husband.

Commenting on this, the President of the International Association Olga Uskova Blondes have their own opinions. He said the reason why the husband has a rich blond women because generally they tend to be more fun and outgoing, so it is not surprising that men are more interested in them.

“Women also have blond confidence more, so we could go out with important people or the ruling,” said Olga as reported by the Telegraph.

“We also work better in the workplace because when we make mistakes we can say, ‘Oh, sorry about that, it’s because I’m blonde,’” he said again.