"Introduction To Salt Mines Khewra"


U Get To Khewra via Motorway M2 From Lillah Interchange Towards Pind Dadaan Khan (27Km), Famous For Al-Berooni (A Muslim Scientist, Who Measured Diameter Of Earth From This Village )

2 Ways To Go Inside Mines, By Foot Or By This Mini Train

Single Common Way To Main Touring Area Showing Line For That Train As Well. While Just On The Side, U Might Also Notice Clear Water Flowing On The Right. Its Coming From Inside The Mines. Though U Can Say It More Than Clear But Still Its So Bitter And Full Of Salt That If U taste It, U Might B Spitting For Around 5 Minutes. Even During Peak Summer Days, When Temperature Outside Might Be Around 45 Celcius, Cooling Inside Is So Extreme That At First U might Start Shivering. And To The Surprise, There Are No Air-Conditioners Installed. In Fact, Its Due To Chilling Effect Of Salt Itself.

A Close-Up Of Wall Of Mine Made Of Rock Salt

Some Notable Structures And Models Inside

Even These Walls Are Also Made Of Rock Salt And Then Lit By Some Background Lighting

A Beautiful Mosque Made Of Rock Salt

Made Purely From Rock Salt

History Of Khewra Salt Mines