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Thread: Motorway M2 Passing Through Salt Range - Hilly Area Of Salt Rocks (Pakistan)

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    "Introduction To Salt Range"


    As U Can See, Road Is Passing Right Through Mountains Which Are Cut Away To Give Some Space To Road. As U Pass Through This Range, U Feel A Special Effect/Pressure On Your Ears Which Is Explained On Basis Of Principles Of Biophysics And Is Due To Pressure Difference.

    Here Is A Special Path For Those Who Get Some Problem With Their Rides In The Salt Range. Special Warning Is Issued Before Entering Salt Range To Specially Check Your Brakes Becoz Of Large Number Of Very Steep Turns On Motorway With The Road Being Ascending Or Descending As Well. Even Then Such Type Of Emergency Climbs Are Frequently Present In This Salt Range Of 10KM. In Case Brakes Fail Within The Salt range, Drivers Can Move Their Ride To This Emergency Climb To Avoid Any Serious Problem.

    Such Type Of Warnings And Side Walls Are Also Very Frequent In This Range. They Are Made At All Places Where Mountains Around Are Just Too Close And There Was Much Probability Of Some Falling Rocks To Come On Road And Possibly Do Some Harm To Rides. Thanx To These Walls That We Dont have To Care About Them So Much Any More.

    U Can Imagine The Frequency Of Turns On Salt range. Pic Is Taken While Taking One Turn And Next Turn Is just Ahead. This Is Totally Different From Rest Of The Motorway Which Is Most Of The Time Very Straight. These Turns Are made To Keep Road Supported On Hills And Avoid Deep Valley. Still At One place In Salt range, Road Is Laying Adjacent To Mountain And Much Of Road Is Not Standing On Mountain. So This Part Is Formed As Bridge And This Bridge Is Supported By large Columns And Regarded As Highest Bridge. Throughout Salt Range U Will have Mixture Of Experiences. At One Place There Will Be Mountain Aside U While At the next, there Might Be A Huge Deep Valley Clearly Viewable.

    Thumbnails For Friends With Slower Connection.

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