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Assalaamu Alaikum.
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Put Babar Ahmad on trial in the UK - e-petitions
Life is One Big Road- Put Babar Ahmad on Trial in the UK - YouTube
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Stand up for Babar
Please spare a few minutes for an innocent man who has served seven long years of his life in high security prison, despite of having no charge or conviction of any kind against him, awaiting extradition and a subsequent trial in a country he has never set foot in. The extradition request is based on the same evidence gathered during 2003 raid, which the British courts of justice found insufficient to charge Babar Ahmad with any crime.
Babar's family and friends have initiated a petition campaign on the government's website demanding that Babar must be tried in this country, where crime is supposed to have been committed. The petition MUST get at least 100,000 signatures before 10/11/2011 for the parliament to consider this issue.
Your Job

  1. Sign the petition yourself if you already haven't:
  2. Make sure every single member of your household signs the petition.
  3. Contact your relatives and friends and ask them to sign the petition through you, by giving you their email addresses. You may then put their email addresses directly into the above mentioned website. They will be automatically sent emails to confirm their signatures. MAKE SURE THEY DO THAT)
  4. Forward this petition appeal to all your friends, Muslims and non-Muslims.
  5. Share it in your social networks
  6. Distribute flyers to publicise the petition. Email your address and quantity required to -
  7. Print copies of our template and collect signatures at your college, university, mosque, and events. Contact us to return completed petition sheets. Download Petition
  8. Sign the Babar Ahmad petition by TEXT: 90,000 signatures needed in 50 days to put Babar on trial in the UK. Text your full name, full address including postcode and email, to 07949178942 and we will sign it for you. Ensure you click on the verification link which will be emailed to you or your signature will not be added. Forward to all your contacts.