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Thread: Where is TULIP missing???

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    Yes Sikandar, I myself have been going through a rough patch. But things are getting okay now that's why I said I am okay.
    And I understand life is not easy always, we all are fighting our own battles. I wish you the best of luck with all the problems you are facing. May Allah make it easy for you. Aameen.

    And the feeling is mutual... I hope to see you around and have a nice chat with you here sometime soon.

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    Tulip have u heard those lines - Upar neeche, neeche upar lehar chale jeevan ki, nadaan hai jo bith kinare poochhe raah watan ki. Chalna jeevan ki kahani, rukna maut ki nishani !!

    For those who are free,there is much to be grateful for May your home and your heart shine with the warm light of FREEDOM

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    Well not exactly the ones you wrote but I've read others with the similar message. So yeah life goes on with it's hurdles and momentary peace. =)

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