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Thread: Step by Step Salat App – How to Perform Salat Step by Step Guide

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    In Arabic Salat means Dua (invocation) and Islamically it means to worship Almighty Allah via certain known sayings & Actions which start with Takbir( Saying Allahu Akbar means Allah is the Greatest) & Ending with taslim (saying: Assalaamu ‘Alaikum wa rahmatul-lahi i.e. may Allah Peace, Mercy, & Blessings be upon you).

    Allah says in the Holy Quran

    “Verily, Salat (Islamic Prayers) is enjoined on the believers to be performed at fixed times.”

    (Qur'an 4:103)

    In the light of above Verses in the Holy Quran it is necessary for the Muslim to Perform Salah with correct method otherwise they will be deprived of the true gleams and blessings of Sunnah.

    Step by Step Salat is one of the best Salat apps free available on Google play and iTunes Store that help you to learn and perform Salah in easy and right way. Each step of Salah is described with English translation, transliteration, Arabic text with Audio voice, and pictures. Some other features of this app are given below.

    Download Step by Step Salat App Guide for Android|Download Step by Step Salat App Guide for iPhone

    English translation:
    All Steps of Salat are provided with English translation which can be easily understood by anyone.

    Prayer Reminder: with help of this option you may set Alarm timings for each Namaz.

    Audio voice: By using this option you will be able to listen all steps of Salat in Arabic language.

    Rakat Table: Shows you the total number Rakat for all Namaz.

    Share: You may easily share this app with anyone via sharing tab.

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    Taimur Khan Bangash
    Salat is the Important practice of worship in Islam obligatory for Mulims in all Condition.....Thanks for Sharing such useful Info....May Allah reward you for this...

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    Thanks for sharing this app Sania. Jazakallah khairan.

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