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Thread: I Feel As If The Entire World Is Mine!

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    Sometimes I M Unable To Know Who Am I???

    Sometimes I Wonder Where Am I????

    Sometimes The Whole World Becomes

    An Unknown Place To Me!!!

    All Known And Unknown People

    Seem Merely Strangers To Me.

    Everything Appears Just Like A Dream…

    All Living And Non-Living Objects,

    Seem Like Images On A Screen.

    But When I Wonder Where Are You???

    Why Have You Created Me???

    Suddenly There Happens A Great Change…

    The Whole World Becomes…

    Just Like Phenomenon Of Your Presence.

    Everything Represents Your Art Of Creation,

    Having A Specific Purpose For Its Being.

    All People,Sinners Or Virtues Seem Just Like Me.

    O My Beloved Allah Subhanahuwata’ala

    Your Sensation Filled The Color Of Life

    In All Living And Non-Living Objects Of world.

    Your Guidance Gives Meaning To My Life.

    Your Kindness Washes Out The Dirt Of Worries,

    To Bless Me With Happiness Of Heart.

    Your Forgiveness Provides Me Shelter
    Against My Enemies And Against My Sins.

    Your True Love Makes My Soul Satisfied.

    O My Beloved Allah Subhanahuwata’ala

    Whenever I Realize

    You Are There With Me…

    I Feel As If The Entire World Is Mine!

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    Nice sharing Mahroo :givefl;

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