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Thread: Nigar Khan asked to leave India

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    Item girl Nigar Khan can no more reside in India. The actress has been asked to leave the country. This follows to the expiry of her visa in India. She has violated the work permit conditions and is currently detained at the immigration office of the Chhatrapati Shivaji International airport in Mumbai.

    Nigar is a Norwegian citizen and had shifted base to India after she gained popularity in the Indian glamour world. She stuck to fame with appearances in remix music videos. She has also performed item numbers in Bollywood flicks like Rudraksh, Shaadi Ka Laddoo and Ab Bas. Her upcoming lineup of films include Double Cross – Ek Dhoka, Hello Kaun Hai?, Bachelors and Do Chehre.

    Another surprising aspect that comes into light through this episode is that Nigar now claims that she married an Indian six months ago. She also claims to possess all the valid documents though the authorities assert that her visa has expired.

    she is such a lesboz item, don't believe me.. eeh ? take a look at the picture below.

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    imagine what a breeze blowing at 40 kmph could do...
    Dream, I do.

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