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Thread: SMS MASTI-1000's Of Smses

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    Ur Comments R Welcome

    Tere bistar par makdee lage.. Tere room mei muchchar phire.. Raat ko light chali jaye.. Puri raat garmi lage.. Tere sapne mein bhoot aaye.. Chal so jaa. Have a.. GOOD NIGHT

    Life is Short, Live it!
    Love is Small, Flirt it!
    Troubles are Momentary, Face it!
    Memories are Sweet, Cherish it!
    I'm too Good, Accept it!

    Send ur girlfriend 2 me & get a child FREE
    HURRY!! 1st ten entries will get Twins.








    1 bejega!!

    Tu chand mange main chand de du...

    Tu raat mange main raat de du...

    Tu dil mange main dil de du...

    Tu dil mange...

    Bas yaar.....

    Bheek mangne ki bhi ek limit hoti hai!!

    Yash Johar is producing a new film & is searching 4 new talent. I've suggested ur name. Pls go & meet him. The movie's name is "AKKAL HO NA HO"

    Dost kaha ho? Jaha ho wahi pe rehna. 3-4 ghante tak bahar mat nikalna. Tumhari jaan ko khatra hai! Bahar BANDAR pakadne wale ghoom rahe hai.

    Baagon mein phool khilte rahenge...
    Raat mein diye jalte rahenge...
    Dua hai khuda se aap khush rahe hamesha...
    Baaki hum tou hamesha tang karte rahenger!!!

    I'm in hospital now. After 5min. I'll be transfered 2 a surgery room. The doctor aid that I'll die if I stop recieving ur SMS!

    Mein tumhe pyaar ke teen shabd kehna chahta hoon... woh teen shabd jo tumhara dil tak pahooch kar, tumhe gehraayi tak chhooh jaye. Yeh teen shabd mere dil se nikal kar, tumhara dil par zaroor chhah jayenge. Ab sunlo yeh pyaar ke teen shabd - "MERA BHARAT MAHAAN". (Jai Hind)

    I always think about U.

    I can't live without U.

    I really need U.

    I'm totally mad about U.

    I just wanna be with U.

    I'm very desperate for U.

    I'm crazy 4 U.

    I wanna marry U.

    I LOVE U.

    Aisa muje bajuwali kehti hai

    Its not an achievement 2 make 100 FRiENDS in a Year, but an achievement is 2 make a FRiEND for 100 Years, 'N' I know I've made ONE, that's . . . YOU !!

    SEX is My Fav. I Do it regularly. Do it & Feel Gd! U'll enjoy it! I'll Die w/out SEX,
    X-xercise, So do it everiday, gd for u

    Knock knock...

    Any1 there?

    Oh good,hi i have a delivery 4u...

    ()"""() ,@
    ( '(' ) ,@@@
    (""),,,("") "@@
    Roses specialy 4u...

    Some newspapers publish untrue news, but there is one thing that is true. What is it? >>> Date <<<

    Last night I hugged my pillow and dreamt of you... I wish that someday I'd dream about my pillow and I'd be hugging you

    When u were born, u were crying and everyone round u was smiling.. Live ur life so that when u die, u're the one who is smiling and everyone round u is crying..

    A Short thing, It gets Longer when U hold it, N pass between women Breasts, N enters into A hole What is it? 1 min 2 think! Car Seat Belt, U dirty mind.

    aRe Ur LeGs TiReD? CoZ yoU'Ve BeEn RuNNiNg ThRoUgH My MiNd aLL DaY LoNg!

    Höld ä trüé frìénd wìth böth yöür händs, doñt lét gö 4 trüé frìend cömés öncé ìn ä lìfétìmé. Thåt's why ì'm höldìng yoü tight! Cänt lét Ü go

    If I had a single flower for every time I thought of you I could walk in my garden forever, never finding the end.

    i håtê Smî|îÑg jûSt tO prEtêñD î'M ñOt hUrt. î hÅtE to gîGglê tO Show î'll ßê okåY. î hAtE tO laUgh aFtEr î Cry. * Stìll lovE YOU ßût *'Vé tó SaY gooDbYê...

    Aaj kal mann kar raha hai ki main...


    kabhi bhi mauka dekh kar..

    sabke samne...






    kissa sunau Ramayan wala.

    Without LOVE, dayz are "Saddy, Moanday,Tearsday, Wasteday, Thirstday, Frightday, Shatterday". So fall in Love... Happy Valentine's Week.

    One day Friendship & Love met one-another. Love asked Friendship -"Why do U exist if I'm there?" So Friendship said -"To give a Smile to those eyes in which U leave Tears."

    Its when U steal tears & still care for Her.
    Its when She ignores U & U still Love Her.
    Its when She begins to Love another & U still Smile.

    Roses 4 u-Rs.10
    Cards 4 u-Rs.25
    Movie 4 u-Rs.99
    Lunch 4 u-Rs.250
    but a friend like u - PRICELESS!

    Abey ped pe mat chadh. Priceless yane "BHANGAAR".


    MSG ME

    a FRIEND




    The number u dailed is not in service pls don't try again

    What does true friendship mean 2 me?
    U cry & Icry,
    Ur sad n' I'm sad,
    Ur laughing n' I'm laughing,
    U jump out of the window.....

    The night is dark, the moon is high, i stop my car, u ask why? I come close 2 u, u feel shy, I tell u those 3 words.......

    ........i La Punture

    A Rose...
    /,) ,-,'),
    ======/==:', '(@)
    '0 '-'; )'
    for a nice
    l!ke U!!

    From an even NICER person like me !

    Zindagi mein jo cheeze aasani se milti hai...


    Jo mushkil se mile...


    Aur jo sirf bade nasib wale ko hi mile...




    ?APUN KA sms
    Do u know who wud always b der 4 u wenever u need a friend?
    ___ ___ _____
    | V | ___|
    | Try2StopME__|
    |__|__| _|______|


    The 1st time we kissed, I closed my eyes, She closed her eyes, and then..... . . WE MISSED!

    Some joys are better expressed in silence, as a smile holds more meaning then laughter. I asked myself if I enjoyed meeting YOU in my life... I JUST SMILED

    (><) /|
    ( 'o') / |
    (,,,,) / |
    = = c <; ))))><
    NICE Friends are hard to fish..... I'm glad I caught you.... Stay NICE TO ME or else.. I'll fry you...

    Ansu tere nikle... to ankhen meri ho,
    Dil tera dhadke... to dhadkan meri ho,
    Khuda kare dosti hamari itni gehri ho,
    Baap tu bane... to mehnat meri ho !!!

    May God give a friend like you to everyone....

    Why should I suffer alone.

    The world may not revolve around you but other people's lives do. Take care of yourself for a lot of people consider YOU their light... KEEP SHINING!

    There is a major penis transplant operation waiting to begin but can't start coz the f**king donor is reading this text....

    If I'm in hell & u in heaven, I'll always look up & b proud of U. But if I were in heaven & U in hell, I'll beg God 2 send me down coz heaven won't b heaven without U !!

    If kisses were water, I'll give u sea.

    If hugs were leaves, I'll give u a tree.

    If u luv a planet, I'll give u a galaxy,

    If friendship is life, I'll give u mine !!

    Life is 4 u, Death is 4 me...

    Being happy is 4 u, being sad is 4 me...

    Being 2gether is 4 u, being lonely is 4 me...

    Everything is 4 u, But u r 4 me!!

    1 day u'll b surprised 2c me beside u.
    u & me laughing,
    u & me crying,
    u & me dreaming,
    u & me holding on,
    u & me...
    ..just u & me sitting in a MENTAL HOSPITAL & ME CHECKING U.

    Whats wrong with ur cell? Tried calling lotta times. Everytime I dail ur number the operator say -"The subscriber u r calling is a monkey. Plz call the Zoo for details".

    no visits...

    no calls...

    no sms's...

    no letters...

    no missed calls...

    I'm worried...

    R u in jail again?

    JAAN is alwayz on-line.
    ZINDAGI is 2b lived.
    DIL is 2b given.
    PYAR is 2b shared.
    GHAM is 2b fought.
    KUSHI is 2b achieved.
    DUSHMANI i forgot coz of the 'DOSTI' we Got!!

    Without ME, I know U wud stil b cmplete,
    Without ME, U can go on,
    Without ME, U can stil live your life.
    but I wish U wil remember dat somehow,
    some1 cared 4 U & will care 4 U truly. . . ME!!!

    Ur smile can be compared with Flowers,
    Ur voice can b compared with a cuckoo,
    Ur innocence can b compared with a baby,
    but in foolishness... You've got no comparisons

    Wen I send u msgs it doesnt mean u have 2 do da same... U can also send cash, fruits, tea, petrol, pizza, chicken, noodles and other GIFTS....... so start TODAY!!!!!

    True friendship starts the moment one person says to another, 'What? You too? I thought I was the only one!

    Some people r Worth 2b Thrwon, Some r Good 2Keep, Some r 2b Treasured
    4ever, and i Think ur one 2b Thrown...... in the Treasure Box 2b kept

    Dreams r2b 4goten
    reality to b lived.
    desires 2b fulfilled
    & destiny 2b reached.
    where it began.
    where will it end.
    friends from da start.
    friends til da end!

    Love starts wit a smile, grows wit a kiss & ends wit a tear. But Friendship starts wit eyes, grows wit understanding & ends wit death.

    (( ))
    (( ))
    (( ))

    (( ))
    Just checking if u r OK there!

    ()". ."()
    ( , o )
    (_3#_) Wat u
    (""( ,o)
    ( #_) Let me
    ()". ."()
    ( ("") )
    ( v #_) Aaila!
    Thinking of me?
    Choo shweeet!

    bas kya yehi tak hai saath humara,
    intezar karte rahenge hum tumhara,
    ki kab hogi is kambhakt mobile mein roshini,
    aur kab aayega message tumhara.

    Iss duniya mein bewafaaon ki koi kami nahi... Ab SURAJ ko hi dekh lo... aata hai USHA ke saath, rahta hai KIRAN ke saath aur jata hai SANDHYA ke saath.

    "FU.CK YOU"
    F=Flowers 4 U
    U=Unlimited Love 4 U
    C= Chocolates not Sweeter than U
    K= Kill Myself 4 U

    YOU=U Always on My Mind

    So again "FU.CK YOU"

    Ram ne dhanush toda to Sita daudi chali aayi ....
    Krishna ne Bansuri bajai to Radha bhag ke chali aayi ....
    Aur hamne sirf " Seeti " bajai to WOH baap ko bula layi .

    Dosti karo College wali se ...
    Pyaar karo office wali se ....
    Program karo pados wali se ...
    Aankh ladao saali se ...
    Love karo dil wali se....
    Aur maar khao GHARWALI se.

    Us pyari si surat ka,
    phir ek bar didar de,
    tadap rahe hain hu yahan,
    ab aur na intezar de,
    awaaz mat sunana aye zalim magar,
    ek SMS kar de yaar.

    Promise me that WE are True Friendz...
    I'm Lamp, U are Light.
    I'm Coke, U are Sprite.
    I'm Saawan, U are Baadal.
    I'm Normal, U are Paagal.
    I'm Water, U are Tanki.
    I'm TARZAN, U are MONKEY

    (",)/ OYE KITTHE
    <)) HAI TU YAR

    (,") pata kinna
    <)(>!miss kitaa
    ./ l. tennu???

    INNNNA ,,
    ./ l.


    If ever in ur life ur sad & lonely & feel that u have lost everything, I'll come, hold ur hand, take u 4 a walk on a bridge & show u where to jump!

    Good Night

    Sleep tight

    Sweet Dreams

    For what are you pressing? that's all! Lorie bhi sunau kya? now go2 sleep!

    Abe hawa ke jhonke.. aankh ki batti bhuja..light ka meter band kar..aur ankhon ke parde jhuka..chal so ja..bole to.. GOOD NIGHT..

    2day, 2morrow & 4ever, there will be 1 heart that would always beat 4 u. U know whose??? >>YOUR OWN<<

    I'm getting married next month. There would be a small party and only a few people will be invited. Don't bring any gift. Just bring someone to MARRY ME !

    Itna khubsurat kaise muskura lete ho..... Itna qatil kaise sharma lete ho..... Kitni aasani se Jaan le lete ho..... Kisi ne sikhaya hai ya bachpan se hi kamine ho ?

    Gandhiji bhi chala gaya, nehru bhi mar gaya, subhash bose ka bhi kuchh pata nahi, aur meri bhi tabiyat thik nahi hai.... pata nahi desh ka ab kya hoga.

    I have bought new camera, So please smile..... Click !..... Sorry bhoot ka photo nahin aata.

    I have a confession to make, ever since I have known u, Its kinda hard for me to forget u. Every night u appear in my dreams.... And I find my self shouting..... BHOOT !!! BHOOT !!!

    Why do U think I SMS u ? Is it because I care ? Or I miss u ? Or I love u ? Or I need You ? No ! It's b'coz... Timepass ke liye koi BAKRA chaiye !

    Today is an international day for the mentally disabled. Please send an encouraging sms to a mentally disabled friend, as i just did....

    God saw u hungry, he created Domino's pizza. He saw u thirsty, he created Pepsi. He saw u in dark, he created light. He saw ME without problems, he created YOU !

    Bhagwan se Scooter manga.. Car di; Ghar manga.. bangla diya; dost manga toh tumhey diya.. Bhagwan ne isbar aisa zulm kyoun kiya

    Shah Jahan Ne Taj Mahal Ki Har Deewar Ko Dekha, Har Meenar Ko Dekha, Har Kaleen Ko Dekha, Har Khidki Se Dekha... Aur Bola... Maa Kasam, Bahut Kharcha Ho Gaya !!!

    News Headlines : Softdrinks Contain Dangerous Pestcides. Insan to newspaper padh sakte hain par janwaro ka kya hoga kyonki.... Aaj kal CHEETAH BHI PEETA HAI !

    U r the one whose so smart,U r the one whose so charming, U r the one whose so caring, U r the one whose so good looking. And, I'm the one who is spreading these rumors.

    Intelligent Man + Intelligent Woman = Romance. Intelligent Man + Stupid Woman = Pregnancy. Stupid Man + Intelligent Woman = Affair. Stupid Man + Stupid Woman = Marriage !

    Sincere Apology : If u dont like any of my SMS n dont like 2 read, then plz dont hesitate, feel free to..... Throw ur mobile.

    If u hide, i'll seek 4 u. If u r lost, i'll search 4 u. If u'll leave, i'll wait 4 u. If days take u away 4m me, i'll fight 4 u. But, if u stop sending msgs, i'll kill you.

    Beta bola "papa papa mujhe bandar dekhna hai". Papa bole, "Nahi bete, abhi nahi". "Papa kyon ?" .......... "Bete abhi bandar SMS padh raha hai"

    Can U believe things ppl do??!! I was sitting next to a guy in Mandir, In the middle of the aarti, he lit a cigarette. I was so shocked, I nearly dropped my beer!

    Recent studies have revealed that idiots use their thumbs to scroll through their text messages. Don't change to your finger.... it's too late.... idiot !

    Heartbeats are countless ....

    Spirits are ageless ....

    Dreams are endless.....

    Memories are timeless....

    A friend like you .......


    Sorry ....

    If u wanna know how mich I miss u, try 2 catch rain drops, the 1 u catch is how much u miss me & the 1's u miss is how much I miss u.

    A frend is a book wid only 1 copy published. U r 1 of d best books ever written. A masterpiece worth readin' a million times.. & 2b kept 4ever.

    100 bewafa kabul hai ek wafa k liye..
    100 aansu kabul hai apki ek hasi k liye,
    hum to mohtaj hai apke pyaar k..
    100 dushman kabul hai apki ek dosti k liye..

    Deep friendship... is like a rainbow, when perfect amount of Happiness and tears r mixed. the result is a colorful bridge between two hearts!!!

    Socha tha har mod pe tumhara intezaar karenge, par kambakt sadak hi seedhi nikli

    Kabhi badli hui takdir najar aati hai, yaadon ki bas ek janjeer najar aati hai, pade bhi tou kya pade yaar- mujhe mobile mein bhi teri tasveer nazar aati hai



    Forget ME

    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
    12 13 14 15 16 17 18
    19 20 21 22 23 24 25
    26 27 28 29 30 31 32

    I'll Break All Ur Teeth!


    Remember 2 remember me,
    4get 2 4 get me,
    Even if u remember 2 4get me,
    I will not 4get 2 remember U!!

    I sent my cares 2 the wind & asked it 2 pass it 2 u.. So wen u feel the breeze against ur face, its me saying "Take Care & Keep Smiling".

    Give 1
    "Apne kiye
    pe pani







    I have a little angel flying around me with a hammer...
    Each person he hits gets a litle bit of my love...
    I hope he beats the Hell out of U...GdNite

    4 types of women having sex-
    4.Religious=oh god..oh..oh..god

    Wen some1 luvs u, u dont realise it.
    Wen u realise it, its 2 late.
    U always luv d 1 who leaves u & leave d 1 who luvs u.

    Always be happy, always smile.. not b;coz Life is Full of Reasons 2 Smile.. But b'coz ur smile itself is a reason 4 many others 2 smile...

    "Be wat u are & say wat u feel coz those who mind dont matter & those who matter dont mind"

    l 1
    l missed
    l call
    just a
    missed call,

    is missing u very much

    Jab jab aapse milne ki umeed nazar aayi...
    mere paav mein zanjir nazar aayi..
    gir pade aansu aankh se...
    aur har ek aansu mein aapki taswir nazar aayi.

    I have made so many mistakes in my life.. but something that I did right is 2 have u as a friend & I definately won't make another mistake of loosing a friend like u.

    Aapko miss karna..
    roz ki baat hai.
    Yaad karna..
    aadat ki baat hai.
    Aap se duur rehna..
    kismat ki baat hai.
    Magar aap ko jhelna..
    himmat ki baat hai.

    A frend is 1 who lends u..

    Pen in Skool

    Notes in Highskool

    Bike in College

    Girlfriend in University

    & Wife after Marriage!

    R U MY FREND? Plsreply, I'm waiting...

    Dua karte hai hum sar jukaye..
    Aye dost tu apni manzil ko paaye..
    Agar kabhi teri raho mein andhera aaye...
    Roshni ke liye Khuda hum ko jalaye...

    This world is full of people but those who care are rare. The finest of the few is u & its nice 2 know u are there.

    True Friends never leave each other... True Friends never part... They just sometimes sit silently... Deep within each other's heart saying "I'm still here".

    I wish a wish 4 u, is d wish I wish 4 few, I wish a wish 4 u, That all ur wishes come true...
    It a Friendship band... I know u can tie it... But plz keep it wit u alwayz.. Coz it'll remind u that some1 somehow is ties with u...

    Dogs bark just like u...
    Cats mew just like u...
    Devil looks just like u...
    Dekho meri sharafat..
    Still I like U!

    Khuda ki rusvayi se sab darte hai...
    Pyaar karne wale tanhayi se darte hai...
    Aur hum aap ki judaai se darte hai...

    You are an


    R u smiling now??
    * YOU IDIOT *

    Ek baar ek bandar ne insaan se pooncha.. "tum mein aur mujh mein kya fark hai?"
    Insaan bola: "Tum daal par uchhalte ho.. hum daal kar uchhalte hain"

    Dil ke rishtey bhi ajeeb hote hai..
    duur reh kar bhi kareeb hote hai...
    jo log aapko roz dekhte ahi..
    woh log kitne khushnaseeb hote hai..

    Hi! I'm dying 2 see u. I want 2 meet u. I want 2 talk 2 u seriously... But what 2 do?? This stupid gatekeeper is asking me 2 ticket enter the ZOO...

    I have a little angel flying around me with a hammer... Each person he hits gets a little bit of my love... I hope he beats the hell out of u... GudNite!

    Milk duz the body gud, but damm how much did u drink :S

    How many hot, rich, funny, sweet guys are there out there? ......two, but they're dating each other

    The only driving you've done all day is driving me crazy.

    You say you hate me,And i know that it is true,But why cant i stop thinking of you

    i have u in my heart i have u in my liver if i had u in my arms i'd throw u in da river

    Ashes to Ashes
    Dust to Dust
    Life is short
    so PARTY we must

    ChEeRlEaDeR(n.) : An AtHlEtE wHo CaN jUmP, kICk, ToSs, CaTcH, sTuNt, tUmBlE, aNd FlY

    i cRiEd tOdAy.. nOt bEaCaUsE i mIsS u.. oR eVeN wAnTeD u bUt bEcAuSe i fInAlLy rEaLiZeD iM gOnNa b AlRiTe wItH oUt u

    Today i came upon an angel,
    i tapped him on the shoulder,
    he turned around and it was you

    Should I smile, Cuz ur my friend, Or cry..Cuz that's all we'll ever be?

    When I first saw you I was afarid to talk to you. When i first talked to
    you I was afraid to like you. When i first liked you i was afarid to love
    you. Now that I love you I m afraid to lose you

    Last night I looked up at the stars
    And matched each one with a reason why I love you
    I was doing great, but then I ran out of stars

    I ran up the door, closed the stairs, said my pajamas, and put on my
    prayers. Turned off the bed, and hopped into the light, all because you
    kissed me good night

    A MiLLi0n WoRDs Would Not Bring You Back, I Kn0w, BecauseI've Tried.
    Neither Would A Million TeaRs. I Know, BeCause I've Cried

    A MeMoRy LaStS 4eVeR NeVeR DoEs it DiE. TrUe FrieNdS StAy toGeThEr AnD
    NeVer SaY GoOdByE

    100 memories, 200 jokes, 300 great times, 400 secrets
    1 reason ..... BESTFRIENDS

    iF YoU LiVe 2 bE 100 ..
    i WaNNa LiVe 2 bE 100 - MiNuS - 1
    So i WoN'T HaVe 2 LiVe a DaY
    WiThOuT YoU

    I asked God for a flower he gave me a garden
    I asked for a tree he gave me a forest
    I asked for a river he gave me an ocean
    I asked for a friend he gave me you

    Your village just called, they r missing their idiot

    Your Absence Should Be Long Enough That SomeBody Misses You.. It Should Not Be So Long That Somebody Learns To Live Without You!
    Tumse duri ka ehsaas jab satane laga,
    tere saath gujara har lamha yaad aane laga,
    jab jab tujhe bhulane ki koshish ki aye dost,
    tu dil ke aur kareeb aane laga

    Sometimes my Mind asks
    Why I like u?
    Why I Care 4u?
    Why I Remember u?
    Then my HEART answered:
    It's Simply because....


    I think u r a bit careless with ur things. Be careful wherever u go with ur stuff. Now look wat u hav left wen u came to my mind? U've left a smile on my face.

    A Smile is the

    Lighting system
    of the Face

    Cooling system
    of Heart

    Booting system
    of Mind

    So keep Smiling always. Goodnight.

    As we go on we remember all da time we had 2gether. As out life change. Whatever ur temp, we will b frendz 4ever & we will ive 2gether. So my boy Cheerup & goodnight.

    What did GOD say when he created you?
    BPL! Believe in the Best.
    And what when he created me?
    SANSUI! Better than the Best...

    Feeling Bored?

    THINK OF ME ->

    Feeling Sad?


    Feeling Lonely?

    SEE ME

    Feeling Sleepy?


    My name is SELF CONFIDENCE.. Never lose ME..

    Dreams give rise 2 hope..
    Hope inspires efforts..
    Effort results in Success..
    So dreams r root of success...
    Let all ur dreams come true.. Good Night..

    ..To be disturbed by beep of a phone means that "SOMEHOW" "SOMEWHERE" "SOMEONE" is thinking of u at this very moment, thats ME!

    H_M & T_M none is complete without 'u' & FR_ENDSHIP will never b coplete without "i".. so "u" & "i" have 2 b there 4ever if u want HUM & TUM 2 b frends...

    ("' . ' . '")
    Ganeshji aapka din shubh evam vighna rahit rakhe..

    A big HELLO 2 My Sweet loving sugar coated choco mallow milk shaky honey dipped chiz melting orange juicy ozzarela peperoni spicy bacon icy peanut buter FRIEND.

    Ye dil ki bekarari ka hal matkar...
    chand se chandani ki baat matkar..
    tere chehre se hai roshan mera dil..
    iss kaali zindagi me deepak jalane ki baat matkar

    I heard dat u were held at gun point last night. D guy offered u two choices: either 2 suck his dick or die. I'm extremly happy dat ur alive!

    Jis waqt khuda ne tumhe banaya hoga, ek junoon sa uspe bhi chhaya hoga. Pehle socha hoga khud rakhloon, phir mera khayal aaya hoga.

    A 992 i
    n0279q biqut2
    2m2 pni992
    .2iHT 9>lil

    (use mrror 2 read)
    pls dnt erase!
    its realy interesting!

    Namaskar, main ek aisa sms hoon, jisko ULLU padhte hai, MURAKH delete karte hai, NALAYAK frwd karte hain, AUR GADHE save karte hai, now decide.

    Fill the blank wit YES or NO only..

    ______, I'M NOT A MALE.

    Koi jaldi nahi hai.. aaram se soch ke batana.

    Patte kabhi hilte nahi.. HAWA hilati hai,
    DOST kabhi milte nahi.. KISMAT milati hai

    Rang ni pichhi vagar tasvir banavi lidhi
    jigar ma vasavi ne jindagi sajavi lidhi
    tamne puchvano samy pan na rayo
    dosti ni ame duniya vasavi lidhi

    Vaise to kai dost hai hamare,
    jaise asmaan me kai tare
    par aap dosti ke asaan ke woh chand hai
    jiske samne fikey padte hai sare sitare

    Plz. I'm really sorry. I was ignoring u these past few days. plz forgive me. Mein bhool gaya tha ki saath rehne se, ya chhune se, AIDS nahi failta.

    Teri palko pe khwab rakh gaya koi
    teri saso pe naam likh gaya koi
    chalo vada raja tumse
    bhool jana hame agar humse acha dost tumhe mil gaya koi..

    Raate gumnaam hoti hai
    din kisike nam hota hai
    hum jindagi kuch iss tarah jite hai
    ki har lamha sirf doston ke hi naam hota hai..

    V never get wat V want, V never want wat V get, V never have wat V like, V never like wat V have, Still V Live.. Still V Luv.. Still V Hope.. 'This is Life'

    Mausam mast hai
    mahol jabardast hai
    apne apne kaam me sav vyast hai
    socha phone karke Gud evening kahe,
    pata chala.. Iss root ke sabhi line vyast hai..!!

    Dairy Milk said 2 Perk:"we are the sweetest ppl on earth". Perk replied:"wait.. I think u have not met d person who's reading this.."

    Hum hum hai.. tum tum ho.. na tum kam ho.. na hum kam hai.. to kis baat ka gham hai.. sms bhejte raho.. tabhi to lagega ke mobile wale me dum hai..

    Yaad na karoge to satayenge..
    ruthoge manayenge..
    rovoge.. to hansayenge..
    DOST hain hum tere, SAAYA nahi..
    jo ANDHERE mein tera SAATH chhod jaayenge.

    Wada karo to nibhana sikho..
    chahat dil mai hao to jatana sikho..
    yu hi kisi ko intezar mat karao...
    koi agar pyar se SMS kare to reply karna sikho...

    1 BAR
    10 BAR
    100 BAR
    1000 BAR

    BAR KYA?
    Kuch nahi yaar...
    Hana humara kisi ko gavara nahi hota
    har musafir jindagi ka sahara nahi hota..
    milte hai bahut log iss tanha jindagi me
    par har koi dost tumsa pyara ahi hota

    Duur gaon me ek basti thi, jaha pe randiya sasti thi, unki gand me itni masti thi, jitna dalo utna hasti thi. Magar aap kyun haste ho? Kya aap usi Gaon se ho?


    U R SO,


    S eet!

    S eet!

    S eet!

    S eetw!

    S eet!

    S eet!

    wS eet!

    S eet!

    wS eet!

    S eet!

    chhodo tum pe suit nai karta.

    Love says I Love U.
    Crush says I Like U.
    Hug say I Want U.
    Smile says I Adore U.
    But a friend say "I Care 4 U" .. Always & 4ever.

    1st ever ENGLISH shayari:
    Pink lips r d gurls beauty & Kissing them is d boys 1st & foremost duty.

    She offered her honour, he honoured her offer. And then whole nite, it was "OnHer & OffHer"

    "-/. . "-"___,,
    "e_," .; ( )
    Roses r red, Skies r blue, My DOGY is PREGANAT, wat da hell did u do..

    Gujarati geetmala Top song:
    Odhani odhe odhe ne udi jay, tu to naagi kehway, tara babla dekhay, taro bhosdo choday, mara landa ne kai kai thay...

    Two tall babes wit size 36 boob & sexy legs rob a bank, completley nude. 1st babe says to other:"dont worry, they wont remember our face"

    Ladki ke baap ne vidai k waqt duhle se kaha "beta hamari ijjat ab tumhare haath me hai.."
    Dunlha bola:"chinta mat karo.. aaj hi loot lunga
    Dillagi dosto ke naam hoti hai..
    dildari dosto ki shaan hoti hai..
    kahi bhi raho par rahoge dil me mere..
    yahi schchi dosti ki pehchaan hoti hai...

    Usually i only send msgs 2 ppl who r either:

    a)very sweet
    b)very cute
    c)very special

    but 4 you i'm making n exception...

    ur 3 in 1
    Happy Frendship Day!

    Making a million friends is not a miracle, the miracle is 2 make a friend who will stand by you when a million are against you...

    To love without condition, to talk without intention, to give without reason & to care without expectation is the heart of true friendship.... Happy Friendship Day!

    A *smile* is a sign of joy, a *hug* is a sign of love, a *laugh* is a sign of happiness & a *frend* like 'me' is a sign of ur damn gud choice.

    Friend is easy 2 obtain, but once gained, its difficult 2 maintain, & once lost, it can never be regained. So keep me safe! Happy Friendship Day!

    Treat life as sea, ur heart as seashore & friends as waves. It never matters how many waves r there, wat matters is which 1 reaches d shore.

    As i open my eyes, i thank God 4 allowing me 2 see a new day & 2 greet a wonderful person like you HAPPY FREINDSHIP DAY!





    my little way of reaching 2 say

    / HAPPY /
    / Day! /


    Send this star 2 your
    (also 2 me if you like)
    if 3 come back, 1 of ur dreams will come true...

    Those "nights out",
    Those "midnight teas",
    Those "b'day bumps",
    Those "old torn jeans",
    Those "late nite walks",
    Those "long chats",
    Those "pinches n slaps",
    Those "crushes on pals",
    Those "getting kicked out of classes",
    Those "struggling 4 marks",
    Those "wrting on desks",
    Those "fight wit teachers",
    Those "tears 4 luv",
    Those "B grade movies",

    Jus everything... dats college life.. I call it "HEAVEN"

    Muskan tere hontho pe ho...
    to khushi mere dil ko hoti hai.,
    aur agar dard tere dil ko ho...
    to aankhein meri roti hai,
    mehsus kar ke dekh..
    mohabbat aisi hi hoti hai

    Hapy holi 2 you n ur family ! celebrate wid crackers n diyas! gather ppl 2 break dahi handi ! hoest flage throw water hallowns ! Fly kites! Play garba! Get drunk jst like i'm rite nw.. Mery christmas once again.... & Ide moubarak.

    Problems may hit you like "Haywords 5000" but you must take it as a "Royal Challenge" other wise ppl will call you an "Old Monk" & stick a "Black Label" on you but you must fight like a "Napolean", live like a "Bagpiper", walk like a "Johnny Walker", work till "8 PM" until you become the "Director Special"... Cheers..
    Chale gaye ho dur kuch pal ke liye,
    dur rehkar bhi karib ho har pal ke liye,
    kaise yaad na aaye apki el pal ke liye,
    jab dil me ho tum har pal ke liye.

    Ek KABUTAR itna uda,
    itna uda,
    itna uda,
    bahut uda,
    bahut upar gaya,
    itna uda,
    BAS AB NAHI DIKH RAHA, ab so jao kal dhoondenge.. GOOD NITE!

    A nite is d perfect ending 4 a day. Its calm, its silent & yet brings so many stars 2 giv u company wen u think abt past, present & future. Gud Nite

    Hasne k bad kyon Rulati hai ye Duniya? Jane k bad kyon Bulati hai ye Duniya? Zindzi me kya kuch kasar baki thi jo marne k bad bhi Jalati hai ye Duniya!

    Hi! Keep messagin me & W!N xciting prizes

    1st prize-lots of luv

    2nd prize-life time frndship

    3rd prize-free stay in my heart

    OFFER VALID TILL I'm alive

    A rose wil always b a rose wither in a bouquet or thrown away.. Life u will always remain My Adorable & Lovin Friend either near or far away...

    Wen ur sad
    I'm lonely...

    Wen ur hapy
    I'm glad...

    remember dat watever u feel..

    I feel it twice...

    so if u feel u Miss Me..


    I Miss U more.

    Heart can skip beat 4 a while, memories can b kept in a file, desert can replace the nile, but nothing can stop a smile wen ur name comes on my mobile..

    3 tips 2 break a mirror:
    1. Throw stone on mirror.
    2. Take mirror & jus drop it.
    3. U jus go & stand b4 the mirror & SMILE. Thats it!

    :#: A FRIEND
    || is like
    ( o ) a
    ( _ ) guitar,
    u have
    keep tuning
    once in a while
    to keep the
    melody of
    Alive! Take Care

    Weneer i luk at my palms, i always stare at which of those tiny cute little cris cross lines made me so lucky 2 have a sweet frnd like u...

    Agar aap bus,train,plane ya kahin se bhi aa jaa rahe ho aur kisi ladki,mahila ke hath me phul,dhaga,chain chanakti hui koi bhi chiz dekhein to turant vaha se bhag jaye.Yeh chiz RAKHI ho sakti hai.Apki jara si laparvahi aapko bhai bana sakti hai.BHARAT SARKAR DWARA PURUSH HITH MAIN JARI.

    I heard sum1 whisper ur name, but wen i turnd around 2 c who it was, i noticed i was alone den i realisd it was my heart telin me dat i miss u..

    Dur ho jane se rishte nahi tootte, nahi sirf pass rahne se judte, Yeh to dilo k Bandhan hai is liye, Hum tumhe aur tum hame nahi Bhulte..

    Frndship means 2 feel sum1 in every heartbeat, 2 find sum1 in every thought, 2 c sum1 with closed eyes & 2 miss sum1 like u.

    Ever wondered why women wear panties with printed flowers? Its a way of saying.. IN MEMORY OF THOSE WHO WERE BURIED HERE!

    Mom: Tujko ladka pasand aaya? Beti: Ladka to thik hai, par mota bahut hai! Mom: Dekho beti, TV chahe 14 inch ka ho ya 29 ka, remote to 6 inch ka hi hota hai!

    9 varas ni nanki, 10 e dmda fute, 11 e jambu jeva, 12 e sitha uge, 13 e pere bra, 14 e chiro, 15 e jangio bhino, 16 e kula mota, 17 e piko ane 18 e jikobhai jiko bolo

    1 Advice-Take Care, 1 Request-Dont Change, 1 Wish-Dont 4get ME, 1 Lie-I Hate U, 1 Truth-I Miss U, 1 Hope-We Will Always B Gud FRIENDS.

    We met, it was LUCK..
    We talked, it was by CHANCE...
    We becams frnds, it was DESTINY...
    We r stl frnds, its DECISION..
    We wl always b frnds, dats a PROMISE.

    I have a special breakfast 4 u: Aglass of CARE, A plate of LUV, A spoon of PEACE, A fork of TRUST.. & a bowl of HAPPINESS..

    Jus bcoz u got this sms u think sum1 luvs u HUH! Well, no 1 luvs u.. no 1 thinks abt u.. no 1 cares 4 u.. no 1 remember u.. more then I DO...

    If i'm a poet..den u r my poem. If i'm a musician..den u r my music. It i'm a library..den u r my books. BUT I'm a Cartoonist.. so u r my...

    Jab hamne unse puncha sapna kya hota hai to unhone kaha "khuli aakho me jo apna hota hai, bandh aakho me wo sapna hota hai.

    If u wanna b happy 4 a day, get a date.
    If u wanna b happy 4 a week, get a lover.
    If u wanna b happy 4 a month, get married.
    If u wanna b happy 4 ever, forget GIRLS.

    Teacher 2 class,"a for"
    Teacher:"jor se bolo"
    Sardar:"jai mata di"

    Ek ladke ko kya chahiye? ek ladki jo pyaar de, ek ladki jo achcha khana banaye, ek ladki jo paise kamaye & aisa nasib k teeno ladkiya ek dusre se na mil paye

    What will a guy sing after getting marriage proposal from a rich girl.."Agar tum mil jao 'KAMANA' chhod denge hum"

    Sardar: In my dreams, rats play football every night
    Dr.: Take this mecdicine from tonight
    Sardar: Can i start from tomorrow b'coz tonight is the final.

    Help ever.. Hurt never..
    Love ever.. Hate never..
    Give ever.. Expect never..
    Smile ever.. Cry never..
    Think of ME for ever.. Forget ME never..

    Ram ram dostwa! kaisan ho? hamarse kohnu galti hui gava ka? tohar SMSwa k darsan kiye 1 jamana bet gava.. tanik 1 dui msgwa humko bhi kardia karo...

    Feeling bored?

    Thinking wat to do?

    Open the zip

    Put ur hands in between the Zip..

    Take ur..



    Book from ur bag & start reading

    Uf, dabao na, zara jor se. Aisa karo, apni shirt nikalo. Pant bhi nikal do, meri kurti bhi.. Ab jorse.. tight hai.. Aur jorse.. Oooh, ho gaya suitcase pack.

    tera haath, haath mein ho agar toh safar hi asl_e_hayaat hai,
    mere har kadam pey hain manzilein tera pyaar gar mere saath hai,

    meri baat ka mere hamnafaz tu jawab de keh na de mujhey,
    teri ek chup mein jo hai chupi woh hazaar baaton ki baat hai,

    meri zindagi ka har ek pal tere husn se hai juda huwa
    terey hont thirkeen toh subah hain teri zulf bikhrey toh raat hai..

    GALILEO: Great Mind

    EINSTIEN: Genius Mind

    NEWTON: Extraordinary Mind

    BILL GATES: Brilliant Mind

    ME: Master Mind

    YOU: ???????

    Never Mind!

    Go on.. Do dis 4 me.. 'IF U CUD STEAL 1 THING FROM ME WAT WUD IT BE?' Reply is a must. Fwd this 2 al ur frendz n ul b amazed at the replies. BT reply 2 me 1st...

    NASA ne 3 sardar ko chand pe bheja, yan uda magar aadhe ratse se vapas aaya. Jab sardaro ko pucha gaya to unhone kaha: AAJ AMAWAS HE, CHAND TO HOGA HI NAHI.

    Musibat ka Syrup ho tum,
    Tension ki Capsule ho tum,
    Afat kare jhelna parta he,
    Kyun ki -- Dosti ki Tablet ho Tum.

    Today is "CUTE NAME DAY". So send ME a cute nick name perfectly matching wit my character. Forward dis 2 ur frendz & get 2 know wat they think.

    Boy go's 4 blood tst. Nurse tks sample & cannot find cotton, so she sucks his finger. Boy is so hapy dat he asks: 'Can I get a urine tst done?'

    Na Chahat hai 'SITARON' ki...
    Na Tamanna hai 'NAZAARON' ki...!
    Aap jaisa ek Dost mil jaaye to..

    U & I do it in bed
    do it in the room
    do it standing
    do it sitting,
    but its best doing it lying down.
    Dont we jus love doing it. U like 2 do it?
    I mean SMS.

    Today is Veerappan's 1st death anniversary.
    So please switch off ur cell for 2 minutes.
    Send this message to 10 criminal as I did...

    . .
    C C C
    >' <
    Howz ur day?
    . .
    .C .
    >' <
    u miss me?
    C" .)
    >' <
    " .)
    ' <
    Paise do iss SMS ke...
    Yaad aate hai bachpan k woh haseen din, jab hum tum masti kiya karte the, tum lollipop k liye roya karte the, hum apni pant khol kar tumhe manaya karte the...

    When you dont know whether to love or hate,
    when you are in a confused state,
    dont feel & dont debate,
    just sit alone &....

    Difference b/w bomb & condom?
    If a bomb blast population decreases but if a condom blasts population increases

    Kaato ne itna gun diya ke phoolo pe soyana gaya. Mohabbat ne dil ka woh hal kiya ki aakho se roya na gaya...

    DOSTI - kaho to ek lafz, mano to bandagi, socho to gehra sagar, dubo to ahsan, nibhao to mushkil, bikhare to sara zamana, simte to sirf TUM.

    Din ke saath raat nahi hoti,
    sitaron se dil ki baat nahi hoti.
    jin dosto ko chahte hai hum..
    khuda jane kyun unse roz mulakat nahi hoti..

    Husband was f**king wife & condom remained inside somehow. After 1 yr there was a headline in newspaper: "WORLDS FIRST LAMINATED BABY BORN"

    Boy to gurl:"agar mein tumhe kiss karu to tum kya sochogi?"
    gurl:"I think.. ek bevkuf jo pura USA ghum sakta tha airport se hi vapas aya.."

    What is the limit of telling a lie??




    Filmi name of Penis:
    1-3yrs Ankur
    4-6yrs Masoom
    7-12yrs Parvarish
    13-16yrs Parivartan
    17-22yrs Pyasa
    23-35yrs Shikari
    36-50yrs Masterji
    51-60yrs Kabhi Kabhi

    Ja mere sms ja mere sweet friend ke paas ja, dheere se jana shor mat machana, busy ho to kuch mat kehna, free ho to pyar se MISS U kehnaa!!!!

    Happy moments - Dnt 4get me
    Dificult moments - trust me
    Quiet moments - call me
    Painful moments - teel me
    Every moment - remember ME

    Life gives answer in 3 ways.. Its says YES & gives u what u want, its says NO & gives u something better, it says WAIT & gives u the Best! Have a Gud Day.

    Din hai agar to raatein bhi hogi
    baadal chaye hai to barsaat bhi hogi
    judai ka gum mat kar dost dur hai aaj hum
    to kal mulaakatein bhi hogi

    Khat likh raha hu khhon se shaahi mat samajna..
    Khat likh raha hu khhon se shaahi mat samajna..
    kisi mariz ka sample liya tha mera mat samajna

    Sholay in Gujarati-
    Gabbar:"Taro hath mane dai de thakur"
    Thakur:"Madarchod..bhosdina..hath tane aapi dau to savare g*nd dhova taro baap avse ke!!"

    Jo iss SMS ko padh raha hai woh.. LOVABLE,SMART,CUTE,SWEET,INTELLIGENT,GUD LOOKING.. nahi hai to kya hua.. jisne bheja hai... woh to hai

    A sardar falls in luv wit a nurse.. After much thinking, he finally write a luv letter 2 her:"I LUV U SISTER"

    Kya kahun tuje
    khwab kahu to tut jayega
    dil kahu to bikhar jayega
    aa tera naam zindagi rakh du
    maut se pahele to tera saath na chhoot jayega

    Twinkle twinkle lazy star,
    kitna soyega uth ja yaar,
    up above the world so high,
    sun has risen in the sky,
    uth ke jaldi pele chai,
    then call me & say HI..!

    Before the Golden Sun Rise let me decorate each of the Rays with Wishes of Succes & Happiness 4 U & 4 Ur Family. "HAPPY DIPAWALI"

    When a black cat falls down, what will the white cat say?

    dont think like
    a scientist.
    It will only say...


    I pray this DIWALI shower upon U:
    Lovely msg for a lovely person frm a lovely heart 4 a lovely reason at a lovely time frm a lovely mind in a lovely mood in a lovely style hv a lovely day

    If u feel
    ..a little dizzy,
    ..a lot bored,
    ..a little sink,
    ..all lost,
    ..a little sad,
    ..i think I know whats wrong. U r suffering from lack of "VITAMIN - ME"

    Testing ur blood!

    pls wait...

    33% complete


    100% complete

    Result: HIV+

    Honey In Veins

    Thats why u r so sweet

    Dear cute..Love is the best medicine & there is more than enough 2 go around once u open ur heart. Pls open ur heart 4 me with love...

    Friendship is not abt finding d right person but creating d right relationship. Its not abt how much v care in begining but how much v care till end

    Aao is waqt me hum bhi badal jaye..
    bahot baheke ab thoda sambhal jaye..
    jamana rahe na hamse aage..
    ae dosto hum jamane se aage nikal jaye..

    I u find ur world as a sky & ur friends as STARS & if u dont fine ME among them.. dont worry, I've just fallen 2 make ur wish come true..

    Har kashti ka sahil nahi hota
    kimti chiz ka har koi kabil nahi hota
    ye to tumhare pitali ki mehrbani hai
    varna tun jaise popat ke paas mobile nahi hota

    Knowing a person like u has made me happy in a million ways & if ever I have 2 let u go... I would find a million reasons 2 make u stay.

    Bhagvan Sri Krishn ne Geeta me kaha hai.. Kalyug me ek karmyogi dost hoga jo sms karta rahega.. aur dusra papi sirf padhke muskurayega..

    U want Nokia 7610 at Rs.999/- only wit free sincard & with 1000 sms free & 750 talktime free just log on 2..

    Kash tere diye hue dard ki tuje aisi saza mile
    Kash tere diye hue dard ki tuje aisi saza mile
    ke tuje itni zor se toilet lage aur kahi karne ki jaga na mile

    A cop arrested a sex-worker
    Woman:I', not a sex-worker but a salewoman.
    Cop:What r u selling?
    Woman:I'm selling condoms & giving a free demo






    All dry fruits r tasty

    but they hav no comparison with u

    b'coz khajur ki baat hi kuch aur hai
    Muskan tere honto se kahi jaye na
    aansoo tere palko pe kabhi aaye na
    pura ho tera har khwab
    aur jo pura na ho woh khwab kabhi aaye na

    Ek purani haweli me bandh se kamre me dhul se bhari tasvir ke piche lage jale me fasi makdi ki puchh par bethe machchar ki kasam..


    Press down 7 times to become sweet..

    Tusi bhi naa? Pehle hi inne sweet ho.. Phir bhi press kiye jaa rahe ho

    The mind of 2 frends are like the lines of railway track. They never meet but have 2 go 2gether 2 save the derailment of the train called Friendship

    Two sardar sit in a coffee house..
    1st:"jaldi pi yaar, coffee thandi ho jayegi"
    2nd:"to kya?"
    1st:"bewakuf menu card padha... HOT COFFEE Rs.20/- & COLD COFFEE Rs.40/-"
    Fish said 2 Water: U wont ever see my tears b'coz i'm in the water!
    Water replied: But i can feel ur tears b'coz u r in my heart.


    kaise hue?

    jaldi batao

    socho socho jaldi



    mein batau

    "GALTI SE"

    Sharifo me koi chor nahi hota
    Kwabo me koi mor nahi hota
    Naye patang ka koi dor nahi hota
    Arey yar..
    Humse jo kare dosti woh kabhi bor nahi hota

    12034056078021034098054063042005203805205209702309 50
    select 'option' & press 'use number' it will show ur number & my number. i'm not joking...

    Jivan ma jas nathi, prem ma ras nathi, dandha ma kas nathi, javu che swarg me pan eni koi bus nathi

    Hum dosti ka farz yuhi nibhate rahenge, waqt-be-waqt apko satate rahenge, dua karo k umar lambi ho hamari, warna yaad bankar apko har pal rulate rahenge

    Flower+Fly= A beautiful scene

    Stars+Moon= A romantic night

    Rain+Monsoon= A lovely weather

    U+Ur Smile= ???

    Bhaago Bhoot!!!!

    Ye hai Mr. Ram Dulare. F*****g ki dunia k ubharte sitare. itni muskil se inhone ek ladki patai. Har shot se pehale ink girayi. Takat k liye khai golian khai. Dulare me par takat na ayee.
    Aaj bhi hai - aaj bhi hai pakde ye umid ki dori, dont loose hope is the moral of the story... life me kabhi bhi na jhukna, viagra se milega bhaiya "UMID SE DUGNA..."

    2 lovers plan to sucide.
    Boy jumpd 1st. gurl closed her eyes & returned back saying love is blind.
    Boy in air, opened his parashute saying love never dies

    Some of the 'Best' moments in life... Lying in the bed listening 2 the rain outside, thinking about the person u love, taking a long drive on a calm road, a sweet & emotional conversation, finding money in ur old jeans jus wen u needed, giggling naughtyly.. holding hands wiy ur dear for a walk, getting a hug from some1 u care the most, the moments ur eyes are filled wit tears after a big laugh. This is a part of life! Just enjoy...

    The day I'll die & go out of ur life foever then do buy some nice & beautiful flowers for me from the money which u r saving by not sending SMS...

    I have lots of jokes in my Inbox, but i cant send u all of them. It will take lot of time.. so i'm sending u jus 1 joke...
    "U are very smart"

    Wife:Mai tumhari zindgi ki Kitab hu
    Husband: Ye hi to taklif hai. DIARY hoti to har saal change kar leta

    Vo kon hai jo uchchal uchchal k paida hote hai?

    Pehchan kaun





    Arey Budhdhu..

    "POP CORN"

    Hamare kiye apne HEART me jagah rakhiye MIND me nahi...
    Hame mind me rakhna kafi DANGEROUS hai..
    Kyunki...? ? ?
    Hum MIND BLOWING hai..

    Hamari achchai ka kitna fayada uthate ho, 1 msg bhej k 20 free pate ho.. Hamare dil par kyo julm dhate ho..humara msg 4wd kar k dusron ko patate ho

    Ek sardar apne marriage certificate ko 1 ghante se dekh raha tha
    WIFE: tussi inni der se ki dekh rahe ho?
    SARDAR: expiry date dhoond raha hu

    Hutch ka chota SEX-RECHARGE
    Sirf kissing karni hai-10Rs
    kissing k sath balling-50Rs
    Full game-199Rs
    kya soch raha hai? kutta mahenga pad jayega

    Nishana jo le wo SURVIR,
    Nishane pe jo lag jaye wo TIR,
    Dil me jo utar jaye wo TASVIR,
    aap jaise doston ka PYAR miljaye wo TAQDIR

    Every life in this world was painted by GOD's own hands... I'm thankful 2 him b'coz wen he painted my life.. He included 1 lovely clor: YOU

    U say & he listen is a gud frend, u say he listen & understand is the better frend, but u dont say & he understand is the best frend

    Every second God remembers u
    Every moment God blesses u
    Every hour God cares 4 u b'coz...
    Every day I pray God 2 take care of u

    Ur absence should be long enough dat somebody misses u, It should not be so long that somebody learns 2 live witout u

    SMOKE everyday!!!
    SMOKE means:

    K-Kool SMS
    So plz kindly feel free 2 SMOKE.. request b a chain smoker

    In French:
    "je T"amie"

    In Spanish:
    "Te Quiro"

    In Italian:
    "Te amo"

    In Yugoslav:

    In English:

    In Gujju:
    "Aliya uth havaar oadi"
    Kabhi dost kehte ho,
    Kabhi dua dete ho,
    Kabhi bewaqt nind se jaga dete ho,
    Par jab bhi hum SMS karte ho,
    To khuda kasam zindgi k saare gam bhula dete ho

    Hamrai to
    dua hai koi
    gila nahi...
    Woh gulab
    jo aaj tak
    khila nahi...
    Jindagi me
    tumko wo sab
    kuch mile...
    Jo dinuya me
    aaj tak kisi ko
    mila nahi...!

    7 wonders of the WORLD!
    Guess What...
    7th Me
    6th My Style
    5th My Smile
    4th My Personality
    3rd My Nature
    2nd My SMS &
    1st My Friend

    God will never leave u empty, He wil replace everything u lost.. If He asks u 2 put down something, its bcoz He wants u 2 pick up something greater! Be Blessed!

    One sad news Amitabh Bachchan died


    Saato aasman ki sair hum kar aaye,
    har ek taare se dosti kar aaye,
    Ek TARA khas tha jise hum saath le aaye,
    Warma aap sochiye aap iss zameen par kaise aaye

    G-et up
    O-pen ur eyes
    O-ut of ur bed
    D-ay has risen
    M-erry life
    O-ld drms cm true
    R-ise & shine
    N-ew plans
    I-deas 4 growth
    N-ice future
    G-ood day 4 u

    Boy:I can kiss u without even touchin u
    Girl:u cant
    Boy:lagi 20 20 Rs ki
    girl: ok
    Boy kisses tightly
    Girl:U touched me
    Boy: le 20 Rs

    C.L.I.C.K.=means :
    C=cant live without u
    L=love u
    I=i miss u
    C=care about u
    K=kiss from my heart 2 u.
    So whenever u miss me jus say CLICK

    The finest word: PRABHU
    The best poen: PRATHNA
    The world's perfect encyclopedia: GEETA
    The World's best exercise: AARTI

    Hum kabhi apno se khafa nahi ho sakte
    dosti k riste bevafa ho nahi sakte
    aap bhale hame bhulake so jao
    hum aapko GOOD MORNING kahe bina din saruat nahi karte

    There is a crack developed in 1 of the pilars of the residency flyover. So plz dont travel over the bridge coz it cannot holt 2 cracks at the same time

    What will happen if Salman Khan & Mallika Sherawat get married?

    No Laundry Bills..

    Jab pyar karna seekh liya,
    to pyar nibhana bhi seekh liya,
    jab aaye aapki yaad,
    to palko ko jukana bhi seekh liya,
    iss dar se ki koi dekh na le ye aansoo,
    har ghan mein muskurana bhi seekh liya

    Land of Sorrow
    Ocean of Tears
    Valley of Death
    End of Life
    So never fall in love

    U r my sweet frend
    Toh kya karu?

    / >



    < >


    / >
    Anything 4 U!

    Look not 4 beauty nor whitness of skin,
    Look 4 a heart that is loyal within,
    For the color will fade, the skin will grow old,
    but a heart that is loyal will never grow old.

    Aaj ye baat samajh aai,
    is dharti par aapki hukumat samajh aai
    aapko dharti par bhejna khuda ka bahana tha,
    kyun ki ravan ke baad kisiko ana tha

    3 dost the

    Ballu, Kallu aur Ullu

    Bulla 8 me padh raha hai,

    Kallu 5 me padh raha hai

    aur Ullu..

    SMS padh raha hai

    SMS karenge hum ek duje ko bari bari,
    Hame lagti hai ye rasam badi pyari pyari,
    Ye sms milte hi ek sms bhej dena,
    Kyunki hame bilkul pasand nahi hai UDHARI.

    Jin ki dosti sachi hoti hai wo kab fariyad karte hai
    zubah khamosh hoti hai par dil se yaad karate hai

    Apni jindgi me mujhe sharif samajna
    koi gam aaye to karib samajna
    de denge muskurahat ansoon ke badle
    magar hazaro dosto me thoda aziz samajna

    Dosti to sirf ittifaq hai
    yeh to dillon ki mulaqat hai
    dosti nahi dekhti ye din hai ki raat hai
    isme to sirf wafadari or jazbaat hai!

    MORNING TIME: A cup to hot hello, a plate of crispy wishes, a spoon od sweet smiles & a slice of great success specially 4 U.. ENJOY THE DAY!

    Hum woh nahi jo tujhe gum mein chhod denge,
    hum woh nahi jo tujse naata tod denge,
    hum to tere woh dost hai..
    jo agar teri saase bandh ho to apni saase jod denge

    Har khushi dil ke karib nahi hoti
    zindagi gamo se dur bhi nahi hoti
    aye dost "DOSTI" ko sanjokar rakhna
    "DOSTI" har kisi k nasib me nahi hoti

    Koi aankho aankho se baat kar leta hai
    koi aankhon aankhon me mulakat kar leta hai
    mushkil hota hai jawab dena
    jab koi khamosh rehkar bhi sawal kar leta hai

    No shadows 2 depress u
    only joys 2 surround u
    many friends 2 luv u
    God himself 2 bless u
    Theses r my wishes 4 u, for today, tomorrow & everyday.

    Our relationship is lik d hands of clock. Though v r in the same clock, v r nt able 2 meet. Even if v meet, its only 4 few mins, Bt stil our fndship runs nonstop

    The moon said 2 me: "if ur frnd is not msging u, why dnt u leave ur frnd"
    I luked back 2 d moon & said "does ur sky ever leave u when u dont shine..."

    Never propose HUTCH Girl. She says only "hi"
    Never propose Airtel girl. She says "Express urself"
    But always propose IDEA Girl b'coz AN IDEA CAN CHANGE UR WIFE

    Husband on suhag raat - jee karta hai teri julfo mein kho jau, jhumke me jhool jau, aankho me doob jau
    Wife - niche bhi utrega ki kissi aur ko bulau..

    Old ppl used 2 annoy me at weddings of frends by pinching my cheeks & saying "u r next". They stopd dat shit wen i startd doing d same 2 then at funerals.
    Nafrat thi hamse to izhaar kyu kiya,
    dena tha zeher to pyar kyu kiya,
    dekar zeher kehte hai k pina hi hoga,
    aur jab pi gaya zeher to kehte hai ab jeena hi hoga

    Din ki shuruwat haste haste...

    mile hamesha khilte khilte...

    dosti ke kinare chalte chalte...

    yehi dua karte karte...


    Suna hai ki...!

    Aap ki ek smile par log martey hai...

    So keep Smiling 2 reduce Population...

    Just go to Hell!!!

    Yes you !

    U only !

    because only you can change hell in2 Heaven by ur sweetness..!!!

    Chhote se dil k afsane bahut hai..
    zindagi se zyada zakham bahut hai..
    maar dalti kab ki yeh duniya...
    kambakht dosto ki duao mein asar bahut hai..

    Guzre hue kal ki yaad aati hai,
    kuch lamho se ankhe bhar aati hai,
    woh subah rangen ho, woh sham nirali ho jati hai,
    jab aap jaise DOSTO ki yaad aati hai


    H = Happy 2 see u
    A = Always miss u
    T = Thinking of u
    E = Everyday & never 4get u
    So i really want 2 say.. I HATE YOU

    Man- I liked ur kiss last night especially when u passed that chewing gum in2 my mouth.
    Girl- What chewing gum? Dat was ur condom.

    JUDGE: U want 2 divorce ur husband 4 threatening u wit a DEADLY weapon?
    WIFE: No ur honor, i'm divorcing him 4 threatening me every night wit a DEAD weapon.

    Iss aane vali thand me aapko...







    sab ka Pyar mile.

    Sab ne kaha dosti ek dard hai,
    humne kaha ye dard kabul hai,
    sabne kaha is dard ke saath jee nahi pawoge,
    humne kaha is dost ke saath maut bhi kabul hai

    Aishwariya Rai crying on her b'day..
    Her mother: y r u crying?
    Aish: i'm too old.
    Mother: hey! u r 33 only.
    Aish: But Raj is just 21

    Are jaago,
    virodh karo,
    bharo sabha,
    ne karo Delhi fax!
    Jo aam j haalyu to ghusi jashe, Bedroom ma pan Service Tax!
    Pahela Tax, Pachi S*x!!!

    One day papa asks son, beta tujhe kaisi biwi chahiye?
    Beta replies, papa mujhe chand jaisi biwi chahiye, jo raat main aaye aur din main chali jaye

    Fill in the blank: '_____ is the 1st word dat come 2 ur mind when u think abt me.'
    Answer should b straiht from ur heart, no reply means u dont think abt me..


    1) Ae palak tu band ho ja, khawabon mein unki surat to nazar ayegi, intezar toh subah dubara shuru hoga, kam se kam raat to khushi se kat jayegi..

    2) Jiski
    Talash hai
    Usko pata
    bhi nahi,
    Hamari Chahat
    ko Usne
    samja hi nahi.
    Hum puchhte
    rahe ki
    Pyaar hai
    Woh kehte
    rahe ki
    pata hi nahi.

    3) Hasi ne labon pe thirikna chod diya hai, khwabon ne palkon pe aana chod diya hai,nahi aati ab toh hichkiya bhi shayad aap ne bhi yaad karna chod diya hai....

    4) utray jo zindagi teri gehraiyon mai hum.
    Mehfil mai reh ke bhi rahe tanhaiyon mai hum.
    Deewangi nahi to or kya kahae?
    Insaan dhoundtay rahay parchaiyon mai hum

    5) Sawaal paani ka nahin, pyaas ka hai.
    Sawaal maut ka nahin, saans ka hai.
    Dost to duniya mein bahut hai magar,
    Sawaal dosti ka nahin VISHWAS ka hai..

    6) Kafi hai husn dil ko behlane ke liye,Mohabbat karlo dil ko dukhane ke liye. Chahe pade gam se vasta,Ek dost rakhna sab gamo ko bhulane ke liye....

    7) Rasmo riwajo ki jo parwah karte hai, pyar me wo log gunah karte hai, ishq wo junun hai jisme diwane,
    apni khushi se khud ko tabah karte hai..

    8) Door hi sahi, kinaara to hai...
    Timtimaata hi sahi, sitaara to hai..
    Ho jaati hai tumhari yaad se hi tasalli..
    Tinka hi sahi... sahara to hai

    9) Ek tu teri awaaz yaad ayegi,
    teri kahi hui har baat yaad ayegi,
    Din dhal jayega raat yaad ayegi,
    har lamha pehli mulaqaat yaad aayegi..

    10) Baba ji ka mela laga hai Haridwar mein, parsad mein kanbal diye jaayenge kisi aur ko mat batana yeh SMS sirf selected bhikharion ko bheja ja raha hai. :-)

    SMILE# S-Sets u free.M-Makes u special. I-increases ur face value L-Lifts up ur spirits E-Erases all your SMILE PLZ
    Tujhe pane ki aarzoo ne hamein, aaj is maquaam tak pahucha diya;
    Haale-banyan toh yeh hain, ki hamne aaj muquadar ko hara diya.
    Khuda ke darbar me jaake yehi dua karta hu,
    Khuda use khush rakhe jise mein pyaar karta hu.
    tumhare siva kaun hai jo hamse roothega,
    haathon main dekar haath poochega,
    kyun khata karte ho tum,
    kya isi ko pyar kehte ho tum
    Bewafa sanam se to cigarette achhi hai,
    Bewafa sanam se to cigarette achhi hai,
    Dil jalati hai, par hothon se to lagati hai
    :up; :blush:

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    nice bahut sarey they nice stuff

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    LOLZ, mara ko email karna, i am 18 and my name is azim

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    LOLZ, mara ko email karna, i am 18 and my name is azim

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    hmm kafi achay b hain in mian.:P nice

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    taj mahal ko dekh kar bola shah jahaan ka pota
    taj mahal ko dekh kar bola shah jahaan ka pota

    aaj apna bhi bank balance hota agar dada deewana na hota

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    Wah.. bhai ...wah!!! ..mera post copy-paste kar dala
    GOD Couldn't Be EveryWhere... So HE Created FRIENDS!
    The DEVIL Couldn't Be EveryWhere... So HE Created GIRLFRIENDS!!!

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