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Thread: City Nazim inaugurates e-government service centre

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    KARACHI: City Nazim, inaugurated the first e-government customer service centre of the local government established in Gulshan-e-Iqbal Town. At the centre, the people could register complaints on computer regarding water supply, sewerage, road damages, garbage and cleaning of drains through internet, telephone, post or in person on which immediate action will be taken.
    The complaints received at the centre will be forwarded to concerned departments and will be redressed in a maximum of five days. The people can register their complaints at the centre through internet round the clock and from morning till 10 p.m. by telephone. The complainants will be given computerized tracking number so that they could see the action on their complaint on Internet. -APP
    Microsoft's Patch Day
    Microsoft is expected to release 13 new security patches on February 8, including several "critical" updates. The release, part of Microsoft's regularly scheduled monthly security update, is the company's biggest patch roundup in months. Included will be nine Windows updates, with at least one rated "critical." Also in the update bundle will be a "moderate-risk" update for Microsoft's SharePoint Services and Office; a Net framework update rated "important"; a "critical" update affecting Office and Visual Studio; and a "critical" update affecting Windows, Windows Media Player, and MSN Messenger.
    Microsoft announced the number of planned patches in a security bulletin advance-notification message posted to its TechNet website. The company has adopted a schedule of releasing security patches in batches on the second Tuesday of each month.
    Details of this month's patches will be available when they are released on Tuesday. Microsoft will host a Webcast at 11 a.m. Pacific Time Wednesday to outline technical details of the updates, followed by a question-and-answer session. This month's Webcast has been extended by an hour to allow extra question-and-answer time.
    Robots in Motion
    Bust out your robot dance move now, because it may become obsolete. Researchers at Purdue University and the Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology are attempting to make humanoid robots move more like real people. "If robots are to become assistive to people, then they need to have the fluidity and flexibility that humans have," says Dr. Howard N. Zelaznik, a Purdue professor.
    The aim is not only to create less mechanical-looking motion but also to design robots that can combine basic movements to perform tasks they have not been specifically trained to do.
    Using the same type of equipment used to create human animation in movies, the team will put sensors on people's arms and legs to monitor movements in three dimensions. This way, they can track how people learn to perform simple tasks.
    Advances in humanoid robot technology may come at a particularly opportune time, since a surge in these robots is expected. One of the best-known humanoid robots is Honda's Asimo, a semiautonomous, astronaut-like creation that greets guests at the Honda plant in Tokyo. And Kawada Industries in Japan recently introduced the HRP-2, a humanoid that can lie down and then get up. -IDG News Service

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    Nimatullah is doing a great job for karachi, some people say that he is performing better then the Governer and Chief Minister, I think E-Govt CS should be opened in other cities as well.

    Good job ali...Keep posting, but i think you should have post that in News Forum
    hey [username:48beee4c6e], i know whats on your mind

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    that's good, i like the idea, so virtual CS, not bad, not bad at all..

    whatbout the long running dispute between karachi's City nazim & sindh's CM ? it was boiling a month ago or so...

    microsoft.. arghh i'm sick of service packs & patches... :s

    robots.. i wonder if we would be able to keep AI, they can be dangerous..
    Dream, I do.

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