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Thread: Bipasha or Priyanka in a Pakistani film?

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    Pakistani actor-turned-director Javed Sheikh seems to have big plans on his agenda of filmmaking. He is all set to start his new film titled Khulay Asman Kay Nichay that comprises a mix of big names from both sides of border in it's cast and the crew. He plans to cast Bollywood babe Bipasha Basu as the female lead of his film that revolves around a true story on childhood engagements. Initially he wanted to cast Kareena Kapoor in his film but things did not work out. Also he has already made up his mind that if Bipasha has date problems his very next choice will be the current sizzling Priyanka Chopra. Others in the cast include Pakistani artistes Sana, Saleem Sheikh and Humayun Saeed. Babar Kashmiri had written the script while Amjad Bobby had composed the music. Indian singers Alka Yagnink, Sonu Nigam, Kumar Sanu, Sadhna Sargam, Udit Naryan, and Sukhwinder Singh have already recorded songs for the film. Also the film will have an Indian choreographer and will be shot in Karachi and Australia.

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    Ahaan it would be a floppie top in pakistan ....

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    well , when is this movie gonna shoot?

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    ask the director :lol:

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    whoz da director , can u pls give me his e-mail id

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    use Google, kid :wink:

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    but it will take too much time in searching his id . or won't it ????

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    gosh.. taimur why do u want his ID? :lol:

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    Quote Originally Posted by taimur @ Fri Feb 18, 2005 1:07 am
    but it will take too much time in searching his id . or won't it ????
    expecting the heavens to shower dates upon you.. eeh?

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