50 things women can't do

Discussion in 'Desi Noke Joke' started by aragon, Sep 13, 2007.

  1. aragon

    aragon New Member

    1) know anything about a car except its colour
    2) understand a film plot
    3) go 24 hours without sending a text message
    4) build a shed
    5) throw
    6) run
    7) park
    8) trump
    9) read a map
    10) rob a bank
    11) resist Ikea
    12) sit still
    13) tell a joke
    14) play pool
    15) pay for dinner
    16) eat a kebab whilst walking
    17) wee out of train window
    18) argue without shouting
    19) get told off without crying
    20) understand fruit machines
    21) walk past a shoe shop
    22) make a decent bacon sandwich
    23) not comment on a strangers clothes
    24) use small amounts of toilet paper
    25) let you sleep with a hangover
    26) drink a pint gracefully
    27) get in a round
    28) throw a punch
    29) do magic
    30) like your friends
    31) window shop
    32) eat a phal curry
    33) get to the point
    34) buy plain envelopes
    35) take less than 20 mins in the toilet
    36) sit in a room for five minutes without saying "I'm cold"
    37) go shopping without telephoning 20 mates
    38) avoid credit card debt
    39) dive into a pool
    40) assemble furniture
    41) form a rock group
    42) set a video recorder
    43) not try and change you
    44) watch a war film
    45) understand why flirting results in violence
    46) spend a day by themselves
    47) go to the toilet by themselves
    48) buy a purse that fits in their pocket
    49) choose a video quickly
    50) get to the point (again)
  2. RAHEN

    RAHEN Team leader

    can guys do that...
  3. Fairy

    Fairy New Member

    Well mera nahin khayal k mention ki gayi har baat NAHIN karsaktein women. On the contrary i think in mein se kaafi baatein karsakti hein.
  4. hakhan

    hakhan New Member

  5. aragon

    aragon New Member

    i can do mostly all things ..

    PUNISHER New Member

    i also can do most things of it
  7. Miss_Sweet

    Miss_Sweet New Member

    i can also do dat...and iam a GIRL!
  8. aragon

    aragon New Member

    what ?
    b/w congrats u can
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