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Thread: what u want from ur life at very this moment?????????????

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    There is so much that i want in my heart, that this time is not enough to even ask for my wishes...anyhow...right now i want to scan through other threads..and post some more...
    take life as it comes

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    .well..i can see today is a full moon and i have been waiting for it from a few's finally today...and i am in my room, watching it..and i can see it move from where it was's so beautiful, round, and big and bright....i want it to come to exactly where it was lst time when i saw it...and it's light was coming in my room, lightening it..when i was trying to get some's lovely..i love this moment...this moment is beautiful like the moon in my room's window!
    take life as it comes

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    at this very moment..... i just want that meri aur sabki ais dunya mein bhi achi life guzray aur agli dunya mein bhi bohat achi life guzray......i would just say to u peeps that plzzz NIMAAZ PERHA makes ur heart as soft as sponge......qasam say

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    i like your example..hee heee..soft as sponge....although i do offer prayer...
    take life as it comes

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