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Thread: My heart is an open book

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    I wanted to write you a little verse, my hearts dedication to all of you
    something full of feeling, something worth crying over
    but i'd hate for you to see what I hold inside although I
    have perfectly acceptable reasons for these feelings
    my heart speaks words the mind cannot describe
    can we fly on the wings of love?
    can I tell you I love you simply by when I touch you?
    I don't know where to begin with all my desires
    the crucial moments
    thorn entangled roses pierce through my heart, causing it to bleed eternally
    and the heart does bleed, not of blood but unsaid words, like
    acidic fluids pouring themselves onto the leaves of whiteness I hold in my fragile hand
    leaving a burning trail in it's wake
    there are secrets that lie within
    memories. Arguements. Suicidal tendancies.
    and yes, it's all so beautiful to me
    memories of you soar through my mind
    will you ever realise I love you and only you
    I wonder, has you heart forgotten what mine has given?
    words of truth have poured from my heart to let you know your value and worth
    but my words never portray their true meaning
    I have let my emotions and expressions flow
    without thought of the damage that could be caused
    letting my heart speak freely is the worst thing I could do
    warm, red syrupy liquid once filled my empty capsule like heart
    mixed with feelings of regret, pain and self pity
    too many times have I tried to get across to you
    i've poured out everything to you, drained myself
    if love is supposed to be this way, then...
    shit, here I go rambling, not making any sense
    my words will probably dissolve before you have time to read them
    my heart is empty with failed attempts of trying to open your mind
    so that you may realise what it is that makes me build up this wall
    by keeping you out I kept myself out
    but now
    ''my heart is an open book to you''
    but I have given up, I can no longer eject words from the heart
    they bring back too many hurtful times
    my heart now, yearns to feel complete again.
    The things I've seen in life will make you choke by suprise
    Like an aborted fetus in a jar that opened it's eyes

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    very nice dear.........:P

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