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Thread: FAQ about Muhammad PBUH

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    Who was Muhammad (peace be upon him)?

    Muhammad was the Rasool i.e the Messenger and Prophet of Allah who recieved the Message from Allah through Divine revelation and conveyed the same to Humanity.

    Where was the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) born?

    Muhammad the Messenger and Prophet was born at Makka in Arabia. Makka is located in the Hejaz province of present day Saudi Arabia. The english spelling of Makka is Mecca, but this is not a correct transliteration (i.e. the pronunciation is wrong).

    Do you know the Genealogy (Lineage) of the Prophet?

    Yes I can name up to his father's great grand-father, and know that he is descended from Prophet Abraham. He was the son of Abdullah, who was the son of Abdu Muttalib who was the son of Hashim who in turn was the son of Abd Manaf.

    How was the Prophet brought up?

    Abdullah the Prophets father died before his birth, and he lost his mother, Amina during his infancy. He was then, for a time under the care of his grand-father, Abdul Muttalib, who also passed away a few years later. His uncle, Abu Talib then became his guardian.

    How was the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) educated?

    He did not recieve any instruction through a human agency, such as a school, and thus did not know how to read or write. Hid education was solely due to Divine Sources.

    When and where was the Message of Allah first revealed to our Prophet?

    The Message of Allah was first revealed to our Prophet through the angel Jibreel (Gabriel), at the age of forty, in the cave at the foot of Mt. Hira in Makka.

    What regard had the people of Makka for our Prophet before he announced his Prophethood?

    The people of Makka has a very great regard for him. They honored and respected him for his integrity and honesty. They were extremely impressed by both the nobility and gentleness of his charachter.

    Did the people of Makka in general accept Muhammad (pbuh) as a Prophet when he first delivered to them the Message of Allah?

    No, the people of Makka in general did not accept Muhammad (pbuh) as a Prophet, when he first delivered to them the Message of Allah against idols and idolatry. Only a few embraced Islam. Others persecuted him and his followers so much that he, along with his followers, was compelled to seek refuge in Madina.

    What is the migration of our Prophet from Mecca to Madina (Medina) called?

    It is known as Al-Hijra. The muslim Calendar commences from the day of the migration.

    How did the people of Madina recieve our Prophet?

    Most of the people of Madina recieved our Prophet with kindness, believed in his teaching and mission and embraced Islam.

    When did our Prophet die and where was he buried?

    Our Prophet died at the age of sixty-three and was buried in Madina, where his tomb now stands.

    Should we visit the tomb of our Prophet?

    Yes, indeed we should visit the tomb of our Prophet at Madina, preferably after performing Hajj (Pilgrimage) to Makka. We should pray to Almighty God to bestow his peace and blessings upon all Messangers sent to mankind.

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    well thnx loadz for posting such nice information about Prophet(P.B.U.H),,, it felt so nice wen i studied it thnx...
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