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Thread: Stephen King books?

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    Anyone like Stephen King's books?I think they are really good.I love all those books which deals with the Supernatural/Paranormal.My fav is 'Carrie'.

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    Personally,my favourite is Sidney Sheldon.. Stephen King is also good.

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    I love Sidney Sheldon too.I have read almost all of his books with the exception of a few.My fav are Masters Of the Game,Windmills of the god,Are u afraid of the dark?,The other side of Midnight.

    But I think most of his plotlines r the same.The main female charector is betrayed by someone close & she she strives for success with revenge in mind etc.(well almost most books).Don't u?But I still love them,like everyone.

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    Yes, after u read 3-4 of his books, you can almost predict his endings,. But , nevertheless..He is the best..
    Did u read his latest "The other side of me?"

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    No,I havent yet.But I heard it is his auto-biography

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    The latest one I read was "Tell me your Dreams"

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    yes,it is his auto-biography. It is not as good as his novels. Tell me your dreams was good.. But a little spooky. I like ken Follett also. His style of writing is like Sidney Sheldon

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    I dont know abt Ken Follet.But I'm now beginning to read Jeffery Archer's "The prodigal Daughter".It's his first book I'm reading.

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    :rnop: I didnt like that one..
    But I loved Jeffery Archer's Kane and Abel. Do read it if u get the opportunity to.

    "To cut a long story short" is also good.

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    I hav heard a lot of praise of Stephen King. Am looking forward to read him soon.

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