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Thread: "The Da Vinci Code" Fact or Fiction???

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    It may be changed and altered as it was compiled exactly 100 years after the death of Issa AS, but the holiness should not be doubted because it is mentioned in the quran man times.

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    And because it was mentioned in the Quran it becomes factual evidence?

    The bible is a re-write of the sumerian texts, nothing else. The level of similarity between Egyptian theology and these religions is astonishing once you actually do some research.

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    I believe that if Allah asks us to respect the books that were sent to us before quran then there is a reason to do so.
    As far as the bible is concerned, it is a compilation of the sayings of Issa AH, his hadith. The disciples of his disciples wrote the many versions that are accepted by christian churches worldwide. The ones that are red-lettered are the ones with sayings of Issa Ah in bold, red letters and when I read them I almost cried to see the similarities they had with some of the common ahadith of our Prophet saw.

    As far as similarity of religions is concerned, my dear, there have been 1,24,000 messengers of God on this earth, starting from Adam AH, and they all preached the same word of God..I am not at all surprised that you mentioned that there exist similarities. If you read about the zoroastrians, their religion too has many similarities to the abrahamic faiths. Hinduism is also monotheistic if you dig deep. These are all signs of Allah, if you think about it. They did get modified and changed as time went by, which explains the different rituals and customs.

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    The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown is a best seller on the fiction list; however, the author clearly states that the story takes place in the context of factual events, places, organizations and rituals. To enhance the credibility of this claim, Brown includes not only fictional characters in his plot, but real people (both past and present) who will be readily recognized by the book's audience.

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