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Thread: !!! What Scares You The Most? !!!

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    Bhulana Sakoo Gay Mujhe Bhool Kar Tum
    Mein Aksar Tumhein Yaad Ati Rahongi
    Kabhi Khuwab Ban Kar Kabhi Yaad Ban Kar
    Mein Neendein Tumhari Churati Rahongi

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    kuch mujhe gher ki khudai maar gai,kuch mujhe yaar ki judai maar gai

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    nothing scares ME!!!
    GOD Couldn't Be EveryWhere... So HE Created FRIENDS!
    The DEVIL Couldn't Be EveryWhere... So HE Created GIRLFRIENDS!!!

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    cemeteries scare me most!!! i freak out very easily

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    i am scared of bugs insects and all kinds of animals that y i hate
    Sammerah .A.K.A sammy A.K.A same .A.K.A syda .A.K.A samo. A.k.A rahman. A.k.A alwz da best!

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    The dormant evil living inside myself.
    Dream, I do.

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    Creepy creatures and ofcourse Life after death. (the day of judgement)

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