Our musicians are surely rocking India. The biggest buzz across the border are Strings and their album Dhaani are making tidal waves across the border. They were always popular there, and last album has only added to their appeal. Also, the videos of 'Chhaye Chhaye' and 'Dhaani' have been rocking the video charts even as Dhaani's sales continue to climb. Strings have signed up with Sony Music there and their career is going great guns. Also, it is quite heartening to read their interviews. Educated enough to be cultural ambassadors we can be proud of and chilled out enough to do their own thing as opposed to chasing after the big fish of Bollywood for playback singing contracts or a role in films. Strings, like always, are doing it their way. From being a teeny bopper band that made it big with 'Sar Kiye' they went back to school and started working in the real world and went back to music and struck gold with Duur. Now with Dhaani, they have a gold mine and are tunneling their way across the border, without making any compromises to fit the Indian market.