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Thread: HTML- Tutorial outline

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    page structure
    Head section
    Diff. between htm and html
    Body section

    2)HTML Text
    Base font
    Fonts in local page areas
    Formatting Text
    Resizing Text
    Text Layout

    3)HTML Links
    How to make a link
    Colors on Text Links
    Target for links
    Links on images
    Link to Anchor on da same page
    Links widin a frameset
    Open links in new window.

    4)HTML Backgrounds

    5)HTML Tables

    6)HTML Forms
    Form Fields
    Examples of some Form Fields

    7)HTML Frames
    Creating Frame set
    Default pages
    Resizable windows
    Scroll bars
    Examples of Different Framesets
    IN-LINE Frames

    9)HTML Metatags

    NOTE: if any of the member Thinks dat I have missed something let us know so dat I can add it here for us and for our guests.

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    Very comprehensive sis, I will teach search engine optimization laters alongside the importance of meta tags e.t.c.

    Dream, I do.

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    Dearest Bhai and rahen,

    I am done with teachinh ill take a quiter place outside..U people go on!!

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    NO bro! we NEED you here. I request you to please participate and teach us and others.
    Dream, I do.

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    i insist u carry on!!

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    listen its not like i know everything-
    work like a team and not like an individual-
    stay wid us Yunus.

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    Rahen dear,

    Ill tell u of my plans tonight..I have yet to recieve a hope mail from someone..He decides my stay !!

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    sure u can

    i am waiting.

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    yes..count on it ..I am fighting both in and out..this is a ghastly revolution!!

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    Wow ...nice work :up;

    BTW mujh ko HTML seekne mein kitna time lagay gay...
    hey [username:48beee4c6e], i know whats on your mind

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