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Thread: Shakti Kapoor claims sexual frame-up

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    A Bollywood superstar caught on videotape propositioning a phony actress in a hotel room claims he was framed and set up by a Indian television network.

    Actor Shakti Kapoor, who has appeared in more than 300 films, is seen on a video clip coaxing an undercover reporter, and telling her, "All actresses have slept with directors."

    That remark alone has shaken India's squeaky-clean film industry and led to him being blackballed by the Film and TV Producers' Guild, which advised its members not to cast Kapoor in any forthcoming productions.

    It wasn't known what would happen to the 15 films Kapoor has in production, The Times of London said Wednesday.

    Kapoor, who is best known for playing pimps, molesters and cheats, claimed the clip was doctored.

    "I never touched her," he told reporters.
    Dream, I do.

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    Finally he gets the role of his lifetime )

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    he is such a cheapskate

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    I don't know about that maybe he gets steretyped because of the roles he plays.

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    this is such a cheap act by veteran actor, i wassnt expecting this all, anyways there is an urdu saying "doobte ko tinke ka sahara" maybe shakti was also thinking the same :duno;
    Dream, I do.

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    You mean because his career was going downhill?

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    umm not actually, he was trying to divert the attention of media prolly, as soon as his so called doctored tape was publicly available / his -ve domination on page 3. :wink:
    Dream, I do.

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    I guess I'll check out Page 3 first

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    lemme see if i can get the whole story
    Dream, I do.

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