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Thread: True Love Never Die

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    True love never dies
    No matter how serious the fight
    You'll return
    Either tomorrow or tonight
    They say a love
    Between friends is eternal
    It will carry on forever
    Til the end of time
    You two will die together.
    True love involving lovers won't fade
    It might disappear
    But it will resurrect
    Conquering the loneliness and tears.
    love among parents doesn't pass
    Speaking might pass for a time
    But in the end
    You'll be together again as one kind
    True love never dies
    No matter how long the absence lasts
    It will survive the pain
    And hold you together even after you pass.


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    that is very true :ye;

    thanx for sharing hardik
    Get off my back

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    Thanks for replying hina

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    v.nice- beautiful - has depth

    Thanks 4 sharing

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    Nice sharing
    But one thing i clear.In life its a luck for a person who gets true love.
    Tou Shaheen hai Parwaz hai kaam tera
    Teray agay Asman aur bhi hain

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    that is a wondreful poem for a wonderful feeling called LOVE! :ye; :ye; :ye;

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