Poll: Do you believe in love at first sight?

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Thread: Do you believe in love at first sight?

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    ur right aapi but i think it is still considered a crush up until you get to know the person...he or she could smell and look nice but how do u know who they really are on the inside until you've spoken to them?
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    Attitude is wat tells u who the person is.
    crush = love at first sight

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    No..i believe in infatuation at first sight!!!!LOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hina87 @ Thu Jul 06, 2006 1:08 am
    i think love at first sight is taking it too far. love happens after you get to know the person...so then u love their looks and their personality. how can u automatically fall in love with someone just by their looks? i think it would be considered just a crush
    100% true, main bhi yehi likhne wali thi
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    [B]I read somewhere..."Love at first sight is last stage of wisdom"...
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    I really believed in this quote BroThe ones who believe love at first sight seems to have lost their power of thinking...Soochnay samajhne ki salahiyatain kissi bhi rishtay ko parakhnay aur mazboot karne main ahem kirdaar adaa karti hain magar jab aap soochne samajhne se hee door bhagne lagain tau koi bhi mazboot rishta kesay qaim ho sakta hay...Love at first sight usually depends on inspiration...When a person gets inspired by the next person,...he feels himself to find his love...Mar vo muhabbat nahin unsaniyat hoti hay...Unsaniyat aur muhabbat main thora sa farq hay jo kuch log samajh nahin patay aur apni WAQTI unsaniyat ko muhabbat tasleem kar letay hain...
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    The Question is
    Do u believe in love at first sight??
    Yes, i believe in love and if it is categorized in first sight then i believe in it too. u know u r in love when he/she is the last thing on ur mind when u sleep and the first thing on ur mind when u wakeup and it is mostly found from people who live wid human nature as it is. love at first sight does exist but its rarely found.

    P:Love at first sight is last stage of wisdom.
    R:Yeh quotation yahan bhi aagaya
    any ways,
    Agar yeh hadith hoti to me with due respect isse maan leti aur atleast 5 reasons find karti. lekin jahan tak is quote ka sawal hai to yeh kisi insaan ne hi likha hai jisse se samajhne mein galti bhi ho sakti hai. many quotations have been proved as wrong and dis is one of them. Dis Quotations is from a person who didnot believe in
    any religion. jis insaan ke paas itni wisdom nahi ke woh apne creator ko jaan sake to agar woh aisa quote likhe to is ki misal aisi hogi ke gunge se us ke baalon ka raaz janna. and i am not one of them. i see everything but i stick to ma religion. when u can see a miracle like a name "Allah" written on fish then why not first sight love which is also a type of miracle.

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    [B]Well i would like to say here kay aap "Unsaniyat" aur "Muhabbat" ko mix kar rahi hain....I mentioned earlier that many people donot realise the boundary line btw both of these feelings.....Jinn jazbaat ko aap muhabbat ke saath mansoob kar rahi hain vo Unsaniyat ke ilava aur kuch nahin....Unsaniyat me he insaan ko shuru me lagao paida ho jata hay aur iss had tak gehrayee main chala jata hay ke har dam wohi chehra dikhta hay...Magar unsaniyat kabhi muhabbat ki jagah nahin lay sakti...Sorry to say but you yorself are bit confused in this matter...You are saying that you believe in love at first sight but at the same time you aslo term this condition with miarcle....Miracles are by Allah Almighty and in real life,we have to braoden our thinking beyond miracles...Agar sirf mojzoon par he umeed rakhi jayey aur baqi tamam haqeeqatoon ko nazar andaz kar diya jaye tau yeh haqeeqat se mun phair lenay ke mutaradif ho ga...Aur jahan tak baat hay iss quote ki aur iss quote ke likhnay wale keee tau that was something i believed on Aur agar religion ki baat kar rahi hain aap tau Allah ko insaan apni tamam makhlooqat main issiliye mehboob hay kyunke ussay soochne samajhne ki salahiyatoon se navaza gaya hay agar vo soochay samjhay bagher he kissi ko apni zindagi ka hasil tasleem kar lay tau kya yeh bashri salahiyatoon ke manfi nahi ho ga??
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